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How to Take Tranfer Factor 100?

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hello! Just joined and ordered TF 100 for EBV. It says take on empty stomach, but there are other ingredients in it, most of which also need to be taken on an empty stomach from my rsearch. So I'm guessing they just don't want you to take TF with a bunch of food and other supps or it will affect absorption?

The reason I ask is because I graze all day and the few slots for empty stomach are in the middle of the night when I wake up. Problem is, because I wake up so much, I usually take 2 Unisom then, too.

Soo.. is it okay to take TF with Unisom?

I did read some people taking it sublingually but was scared it wouldn't truly absorb and work that way.



I, personally, think the best absorption (according to Chis. Bio Labs) is under the tongue.
It "good" part is absorbed in less than a second...then the filler is absorbed.

I always took TF's with klonopin which has a half life...never interfered.

Hope you read this!



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Hi Spacee,

I haven't been here for a while either because no one was answering me, lol.

Yeah, I take the Klonopin every night before bed, sometimes earlier if I'm anxious then. I just started amino acid therapy for anxiety and panic attacks -- and energy. So far so good, but that's a story for a different board.

So I've been taking the TF in the middle of the night when I get up to go to the bathroom as it's the only time I know I have an empty stomach except when I first get up. I didn't want to take the TF then because I read it can make you tired. Anyway, I *think* this has been working so far. I certainly don't feel sick like I used to all the time.

I tried sublingual but it didn't feel like it was absorbing - I guess that was the fillers, right?

Anyway, thanks for replying, late or not!