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I am a caregiver for my husband

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I really love this site..have learned so much and love the ppl here..I AM NOT ALONE ..my husband has dementia..and taking aricept ..does a lot of repeating...ask's me thing over and over and I just tell him over and over..it is like a broken record..poor baby...
It is not an easy job for an old lady like myself..I am 70 and doing everything...looking for some one to e-mail me but you can't put it in the message board..when I go into live chat no one is there...HMMMM...
Is there any one from Fl. that is up early in the morning to chat and exchange e-mail? JOY


Hi, Joy,

I'm glad you found us but am so sorry for your DH's dementia. It is very hard on caretakers.

I am about your age but, here in FL, I'm just a kid by comparison :) I am up early but don't use the live chat. You are welcome to join us in the Chit Chat Forum. Some of us post on what we call, The Porch. We number them so the threads don't get too long to manage. We chat about most everything and the people there are great. We've known one another quite a while so it may be a bit confusing at first but newcomers are always welcome with open arms. Come and introduce yourself. It's not live chat but we post and check it out a couple of times a day. One member is dealing with caring for an elderly in-law.

Again, welcome aboard.

Love, Mikie


Hi, Angela,

Welcome to you too. Caregivers are truly angels on Earth. Bless you and all who give loving care to those who are so ill.

Love, Mikie