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I fell off my cloud and fractured my spine prayers please

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Hello everyone- as most of you know I have been flying high on cloud nine since my foundation work started.

Then over the holidays we had 5 inches of rain and it flooded my yard because my drainage ditch stopped up. I tried to find someone to help me dig this ditch and no one could or would.

So I worked on it a little at a time off and on during my day for about a week. Then Sat night a week ago, well almost 2 weeks now. I bent over with the shovel and a horrible pop sound and felt like I had been tazzered in the back. I fell down to my knees and could not get up.

Luckily, I had my cell phone on me and called someone down the road to come help me get in the house. So I have been hobbling along with great pain in the hip and right front leg. No pain down the back.

I already had an reg appt with my Dr for this past Tues. She feels strongly it is a spinal frature and not a disc as I had thought. I have a MRI/CT scan on Mon.

She gave me strict orders to so home and do nothing until after the MRI, even gave me 90 extra pain meds on top of the 120 I already get, that is unheard of in this town.

So now I wait. I have been in contact with the foundation and told them I am not sure if I will be able to fullfill my duties. I so want to be a part of it but my health is first and foremost.

I haven't been posting as much because of the pain and had a CF crash after the art left my house. It felt so good to do something meaningfull and and feel alive again. But adrenaline only lasts so long and now I am paying.

I know many have had a lot of sadness over the holidays and some had deaths, illness and hospitalizations of freinds and family.

My heart goes out to all of you and hope you heal and get good test results and your friends and family get home soon. Thanks for being here and your usual supportive selfs. I wouldn't know what to do with this board-Carla


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Wow, I'm surprised the doc is waiting so long to do those important tests, or is it just too hard for you to move?

I can't imagine having to go through this with everything that's been on your plate lately. Life seems to have a way of slowing us down whether we want to, or not.

Rest...rest and then rest some more. I hope someone can be there for you to help you through this difficult time.




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I know first hand the pain of vertebrae fractures! X-rays didn't show anything but MRI discovered the 3 broken bones. They gave me 3 consecutive shots of demerol and sent me home with a script.

Their advice was good advice not to move too much until the MRI. Just in case there is a break threatening your spinal cord.

Gentle hugs....and I mean gentle...LOL


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I am so sorry. I was so excited for you...

I wish I lived a little closer to you so I could try to help you out. I have just gotten to the place that it is a hard drive for me just that short of a distance.

Hugs and prayers to you...


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Oh No, I'm so sorry you are suffering. Gentle Hugs for you Sweetie!

Carla, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope they can get you in sooner for that MRI.



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Nancy you are always so sweet. Mon was the soonest I could get in for the MRI. I could have went to the ER but I know they would have told me to go see my Dr which I already had a appt with. I have dealt with back pain for over 20 years so along as I could still walk, I was willing to wait.

Georgia-thank you, I saw your post on the porch too. How is your freind in the hospital. Have you heard from your freind that had to move away. I am sorry about your new friend that didn't work out.

Linda- thank you and sorry you have to suffer too. I have a good Dr who gives me meds. I know alot of people don't want to take the pain meds, but I would not be able to have any type of a sub-normal life without them.

Kathleen- how did you hurt your back. From what I have read there is really not much they can do other than let it heal. Do you have osteoporosis or osetoarthritis? I saw in your bio you have CF too. I have been sick since 2001 with CF, I have had remissions for several months then I get laid out again, like this one. Loved your picture, I love the outdoors too, not much on the sunbathing and such on the beach but love the sounds and smells. What type of dogs do you have?

Lacey- thank you, yes I am disppointed too but maybe later I can still do something for them but they understand. Driving is hard for me now too, just the day I had to go to the Dr and see mom and stuff was enough for me. I do hope your feeling better

Monica- welcome to the chit chat side of the board. I see you are new to Fibro. Love your kitties, I have 2 dogs and one kitty. SMitten the Kitten is anti-social and stays in her room. But my 2 dogs are my constant campanions and sleep with me everynight. I love cuddleing up with them when I feel bad too. They know when we are not feeling well. They drive me crazy at times, especially Missy, she is a lab mix and is really something. But I know I wouldn't survive with out them.

Dar- thank you so much- I just hope it is a small frature and will heal without any permement nerve damage.

I really appreciate the prayers and support, as those that know me, sitting home doing nothing is not one of my favorrite things to do.

I have been house hunting in PA today. My daughter wants me to move but with mom in the nursing home and the price of houses in PA it doesn't look like a real possiblity- thanks again-Carla


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Sorry to hear this Dear! I hope only the best for you! and you will be in my prayers Daily!,,,,,Hugs!,,,,Sis


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I think it is really terrible that w/ all your other med problems, this should happen. I can only hope the drs can get you fixed up eventually.

Is anyone taking the girls out for their walks?

God Bedring (Norskie for get well)



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Thanks Marta but I have been a good girl today, even tho I have standing water in yard, I resisted to call to take my metal rebar and my rubber mallet and pound holes all over my yard do the water will drain somewhere.

Thanks Sis-you are always there for all of us, I hope things are setteling down now for you.

Rock- I did take the girls for a walk yesterday, all I did was ride. But today the rain came so we didn't get to go. They are getting ready for a westlemania match now. They loved to fight and chase each other around the house. That is why I have 2 dogs, they really can entertain themselves when I am not up to it.

I appreciate all of your thoughts, hugs and prayers-Carla


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I am sooo sorry about this added back problem. You didn't need this also but ----I guess we don't plan parts of our lives.

My mother had similar back problems and she DID stay down. Please don't do anything to damage an already damaged spine. You are a sweet lady and we all love you. You have always been so kind in your replies to me.

My prayers are with you and we pray for a diagnose that can be healed aquickly and easily.

Ever so gentle hugs for you, dear one,



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Sheesh, that's awful. I'm glad you had your cell phone with you. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.



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Thanks Ken, I hope you are feeling some better too. It is so hard when we feel better and think we can do what it was we use to do, then someone shows you your wrong.

Joan you are alwasy so sweet and supportive, you are a true lady, thanks for being here.

Linda I did pretty good, just used the water hose do wash the other ditch out, I can stand better than sit, then washed my front porch off. It really was bad. Then time on the couch with the girls and did catch the treats, which is where I sit on te couch and toss them the treat so they can catch it. Lazy girl way but they like it.

Ok off to bed-Lacey i saw when you were in a bad T-storm area earlier, hope it wasn't to bad. Carla


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I missed you- yes, the is a area around L3-4 that is very tender and sore, even hurt with the jets on it some. The worst pain in around my right hip and down the front of my leg to the knee, It is like a charley horse if I move my back a certain way. Thanks for the wishes now I an going to say my prayers-Carla


I'm so sorry. Prayers going up. Take care of yourself and let us know how you're doing.

Love, Mikie


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JOdie, Darkwaters, Mikie and Rocky76

Darkwaters- I had not thought of that but I would be a little leary because I live in a semi-isolated area and am very picking about the people I let come to my house.

I had small petty theft over the summer, they stole 200 ft of extension cords and 2-5 gal gas cans full of gas. They were in a shed that has no doors.

I did accomplish what I needed to do and they water is flowing freely now. After the mud pit drys up, my neighbor is coming in with his backhoe and filling the lower area in. There was a area that settled after the side ditch was installed, so it need to be built up.

JOdie I know things have been hard for you but I think going back to school may be what you need to change your focus, I wish you luck and success

Mikie- thank you so much, the pain is about a 5 or 6 compared to the top of the chart the first week I injured it. So healing is happening, it will just take time. How are things with your new job. I have to say I have not really been able to keep up on the board with everything else I have had going one.

Rocky76-thank you for taking the time to respond and I appreciate your well wishes.

It does mean so much to me to know I have people out there that do care. I have been feeling rather alone over the holidays then to have neighbors and others that use my road as a short cut to drive by everyday and see me out there digging one shovel at a time everyday for nearly 2 weeks and not one stopped to even asked if I needed help. I have been giving my all my time to a non-profit foundation and loved every minute of it and could not understand how people could not even stop. It just blows my mind sometimes.

So thanks for being here for me-Carla


Lots going on. Job is good; I'm going to be cashiering when I get back from CO. My ex had open heart surgery yesterday with 6 bypasses using veins from his legs. He's doing well; it's a miracle he's not dead.

Then, on Feb 5, I'm having arthroscopy on my right knee for a torn medial meniscus. Oy! It never ends.

Continued prayers and best wishes for your recovery.

Love, Mikie


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Just wanted to stop in again and say I hope your feeling alittle bit better!,,,,,I was reading what you said about People driving by and seeing you out in the yard useing a shovel and not even offering to stop by to help,,,,,,

All i can say is that the morals sure have changed since we were kids growing up! There were always Neighbors helping neighbors! and big get togeathers for all the things like Barn raisings and roof building ,,,,,

it's sad That none of this stuff happens anymore!,,,,,,,,It probably does in the Amish Communitys,,,,

Take care of you and i hope your Mri goes well!,,,,,,,Every once in awhile if i over do it i get this Lrg annoying trigger point in my lower rt. hip that drives me nuts and i have to ice it and do alot of stretching to get it out,,,,,,Have you tried Ice?,,,,,,,,,Hugs! Sis!