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I inserted a paste of baking soda & water - I'm on fire!!!

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I read somewhere that yeast cannot survive with bicarbonate of soda. So I made up my own home remedy, made a paste of baking soda & water, put it in a plunger and inserted it.

Felt better at first, cool and soothing. Then I awoke in the night on fire! I hope I haven't hurt myself.

Maybe it is just a very painful cure? Guess I'll call the dr...again. I'm so sick of this! (Sorry for complaining)


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It is almost noon the day after using the baking soda, and I'm improving! I'm still a little sore, but the pain of urination is gone completely. The horrendous burning is gone. Maybe I've stumbled on a cure!

But please don't try this until I know for sure. The pain was horrible, but I may have been in that much pain anyway because the infection had gotten serious over the week-end.

It will be interesting to see what the dr says about this.


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I can't believe it! The pain was horrible the first night and early morning of next day. (maybe pain would have been that bad without the baking soda...it gets that bad at times.)

Today, I'm better still! No problem except a minor itching.

If it is a cure, it is worth it.

I'm going to wait a few days, then if I have any symptoms left, will do it again and let everyone know the outcome.

I'm still not recommending this to anyone, because I don't know yet if I damaged anything. Will let you all know after I see dr.


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The pain is gone, but I have some minor itching externally. So by tonight or tomorrow night I'll do it again. I really don't think it will hurt so bad this time.

Will post again after I do it so you will know if it hurt the second time around.

I also would like the doctor to see the results so I know I'm cured, rather than that I burned out all my nerve endings! haha. Not really funny, I guess.

Wouldn't it be great if I just found a cure that is cheap and doesn't require a dr. visit and all that gunk they prescribe?

My only other problem is my blood sugar goes too high, then drops a few hours later. My dr. says I am fine. I know I'm not. That is not natural. But I'm eating a well-balanced diet, cutting down on carbs. So that should help both problems.

Thanks for answering me.


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I tried again last night and yes, it does burn badly, so that means it is too strong to use a paste. I'm not going to use at that strength again, but a smaller amount in water should do it. I'm happy to have finally found something to help!



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Well, the final verdict is that all is well! I developed a slight itch again, used a weakened solution of baking soda - instant cure!

WHY DON'T DOCTORS TELL US THESE THINGS! This is frustrating! A cheap cure is available, but we have to get all these expensive prescriptions.

Anyone trying this, just be sure to use a weak solution. If it hurts, it is too strong! The pain is like a bad sunburn. So be ready to wash it off in case you get it too strong until you see what works for you.

I did this without doctor advice, so use your own judgement in trying it. Some people might need the doctor's advice because there could be a reason not to do it. I was fortunate that it worked for me.


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Hello Violett,

I sometimes drink a half tablespoon in a glass of water, although I haven't done it in a while, will go back to doing it again. I have Candida in my digestional track. Never heard of making a paste and inserting.. but it makes sense.

Glad it helps you!


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Thanks for the good ideas Violett and Toby. I hae diabetes and a continuous yeast infection. I've even douched with 2% hydrogen peroxide to kill the yeast in my vaginal tract. I know that can't be healthy.

Why is it that there is no standard strong treatment for this condition? I've had it for too many years to count.


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Insert where?????? Digestion, urinary tract and vaginal yeast infections were talked about. Digestion and vaginal are two distinct areas. Can you enlighten me. Thanks


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When the itching was soooooooo bad my wholistic nurse suggested that I apply plain organic yogurt. The itching stopped almost immediately and it was cool and calming to the area. It got very messy and sticky but within the next two days, the itching was back, so in my case it was not much help. However, I did not insert it vaginally I applied it to the surrounding area. Wishing you the best of luck with this. Jocyn


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I remember that I had some pretty bad vaginal issues and what helped me was simply changing to baby detergent for when I did laundry. It helped relieve the symptoms. Maybe this could help you? Hope everything is better for you. I'm still working on it.



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My Nautrepath told me I could use a Probiotic Douche. Take two capsules and break them apart and dissolve in warm water. Then insert. It did seem to work quite well. Hope this tip will help someone else.
Hi everyone, I'm new here and I am just checking the boards and came across this.Hope you don't mind me adding my 2 cents worth!
I have a good one, that one doctor told me a long time ago and really helps! Has anyone tried the applecider vinegar or white vinegar? Actually I prefer the applecider one.
I mixed up a batch 1 gallon water to 1 cup vinegar(white) and douche the h*** out of the yeast infection. Stops the itching and burning within a day! Of course I did it a few times a day, and I never got the infection for a long time!

Also good for hemorrhoids, just take a cottonball and soak it and dab the infected area. Caution: sometimes it maybe too strong, and may cause burning so dilute it half and half.I personally, like the burning over the itching, which last all of one second! I know it instanly takes the itching away!
Vineagar is good for so many things! I have some great tips for the skin too and for cleaning!
Also use it in bathwater and soak for a few minutes, twice a day and should clear up any yeast infection in about 2 days. And one good thing, it doesn't come back for a long time! I sure hope these tips help some of you suffering with it. I know I will not be without any vinegar in this household! Thanks, ~*Mellie*~

Do this at your own risk! I know it has helped me, and my family so much! But this tip was given to me by an ER doctor! At that point, if he would have told me to use oil or mud, I think I would have tried anything!! LOL, The itching can drive a person crazy! But it works!!


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violet, I've never been in here before but just browsed long enough to read your post. I don't know how old you are, but i'm 56 and still remember the old days when douching was the norm. The usual dosage for vinegar or baking soda would be 1-2 teaspoons to 1 qt water. For regular vaginal yeast infections, doc used to have us do this once a day for 7 days. This kills the yeast, according to the doc..but not less than 7 days and not more! Be careful and good luck, hon !


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I heard so much about this that after years of medical torture I saw an obgyn who was willing to discuss since he had heard a lot about this from his patients with chronic yeast infections. He had recommended to some patients to try inserting the yogurt vaginally (was kind of embarrassed to mention it). He also said he couldn't understand taking dead bacteria like in capsules, it needs to be live bacteria.

Hope this doesn't offend, but for description of how read on, ok?: I got a bottle of liquid acidopholous. This has 5 live healthy cultures that counter yeast. I douched with it (vaginally) and Viola! it worked. I only used a tablespoon or two with one of those plastic tampon inserters at first. That was over 3 yrs ago.

If there is a hint of a yeast imbalance, I just douche one time but haven't needed to for maybe a year. Now I use one of those baby enema bottles ... much easier.

I hope this helps someone else, too.



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I went for 10 years with chronic vaginal and bladder infections and I tried all of the treatments stated above (didn't make paste of baking soda but made a douche, so it was milder, and it was combined with other strong pharmaceutical treatments - this was recommended by a doctor that I went to in Cuba.)

This is what I find most effective in prevention and treatment:

For soap I use Trader's Joe's liquid Tea Tree Body Wash and wash twice a day, between the folds and rinsing very thoroughly (this has prevented infections for me).

If I feel the beginning of a bladder infection, I immediately take 200 mg. of Cefixime (antibiotic), Diflucan tablet (anti-fungal) and Phenazopyridine tablet (for pain) and Cranberry pills. I continue to take the antibiotic and pain killer for two to three days (twice daily). This usually clears the infection. When you catch it quickly, it is easier to fight.

For vaginal infections, I always assume it is both bacterial and fungal and so I treat both by douching with a solution of 5% betadine, 95% distilled water, twice a day - I use the container that comes in a commercial douch, but you can also use a small, rubber douche. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO IODINE/BETADINE. I also take a Diflucan tablet (only one is needed).

If I have both a bladder and vaginal infection, I combine the treatments.

The key is prevention and responding quickly, which means you always need the medicines on hand. You can order them from Canada on the internet.

I use Cefixime (my antiobiotic of choice) whenever I know I have some sort of bacterial infection - so when I had a tooth infection, I started using it immediately until I was able to be seen by a dentist.

Many doctors in the US will tell you that you shouldn't self medicate with antibiotics. Since I've lived in countries where many people do, I feel comfortable doing so.

Also, I like eating Fage yogurt with honey on a regular basis (I only like the whole milk yogurt). I don't think you should eat yogurt if you don't like it.

If you've got a really bad vaginal infection that your doctor has been unsuccessful at treating, I recommend the Betadine douch for ten days or Betadine suppositories (if you can find them) and antibiotics 200 mg initially followed by 100 mg. twice a day (for ten days) and Diflucan the first day and the last day of treatment.

Regarding intercourse: Don't have it when you've got an active infection and for a few weeks after you've cleared the infection. Also, to prevent infection, you and your partner should shower and wash genital areas thoroughly before sex. I would also treat your partner with Diflucan while you are going through the treatment. Also, if you are sexually active, it is important to get tested for STDs regularly. You may think your partner is monogamous, but you can never be too sure. If you don't have an "open" relationship, your partner may be afraid to tell you if he has strayed. One more thing, if your partner gives you oral sex and then has intercourse with you, it introduces a lot of mouth bacteria directly into the vagina - so it's not a good idea. Oh, and another thing, condoms often cause vaginal infections in some women.

I hope this was not too much information for some of you - but it is always good to be open and honest.