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I just watched a segment on PBS on drug prices...outrageous

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One lady was doing a search on her cancer drug which ranged from almost $500 to $ll......WHAT! And a BIG surprise was that Target and CVS were the highest. And a bigger surprise was that Target would match the price on the $11 drug.

They also talked about a fairly new drug indexing website where you just type in the name of the drug and do a big search.

I'm hoping this won't be zapped because this website and information is important for people to have. (what just happened to the letters?)

Here's the website: goodrx (just add the usual when going there direct)


I think the real tragedy is being prescribed medication that you KNOW doesn't work and having the doctor say "Oh, we just need to up your dosage!" NO, you DON'T! And I don't need to fund your kickbacks for prescribing this worthless garbage! My latest MD is trying to push massive doses of Lyrica on me. I take 75mg ONCE a day. It works for ME. But he claims that's "impossible" because the dosage is so low, so therefore it "doesn't work". Well, I am not taking any more. I would think the PATIENT would know the best whether or not something works or does not. My doctor does not live in my body. I am not a "case study", "guinea pig" or "typical" (who, with FM IS? But apparently, I don't know Jack after 20 years with this DD!