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I talk to George all the time

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I feel he is still with me...there are times things happen..like radio goes on, pictures fall, light bulb popd out of socket..am I imaging these things? Just kind of strange...
I do cry a lot also take vitamin B complex for stress..it does help...I need to go out now and dance again..and I will..my daughter is staying with me now..I don't know how long but she can stay as long as she wants..she is comforting for me and very much helps me...
I am waiting for the death certificate from the furneral home..so I can send to my insurances..ect. they love to take there time with this...one day at a time..
It is going to be a different life..I will now take care of me..but I do miss my George..what a sweet man he was..JOY


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I firmly believe that George is still with you. His spirit is whole and free from illness and he is watching over you.
Talk to him, take comfort from the feeling of his presence, and do what you need to in order to adjust to him not being physically here any longer.


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Keep talking to him, because he can hear you and he is with you. My heart breaks for you. Please hold on to the fact that you will see him again!!!!!! Take good care of yourself. Love, Barbara


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And he's probably happy that he can look after you again. My MIL passed away before my FIL and one of my sweet daughters told him "Grandma had to go first to make sure Heaven would be in great shape for you!". You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I want to call my Mom all the time. This week, my kids and I drove to my brother's, and I just want Mom here too.

I'm so sorry.