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I'm a vegetarian so I don't know how to do WW

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I don't eat meat but lately every now and then I've eaten a little bacon and ham. I will not eat chicken,beef or fish. I've wanted to try WW but everything I see has meat in it. I wish these weight loss companies would realize that not everyone eats meat. Any recomendations?


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No not all vegetarians are thin. You're thinking of the actresses that eat next to nothing.LOL... I know a few that are overweight and I've seen some on tv shows. I have to admit I do eat alot of carbs. But I still wish these weight loss people would consider us.


I needed to lose weight, and was thinking about WW, but i don't eat meat very much either. I am almost a vegetarian..., but then I decided to change my eating habits.....I lost 30 lbs in 2 1/2 months......This is what I do now...

I eat very little chicken, very rarely actually. Maybe once or twice a year I will eat red meat. I sometimes eat tuna fish, but again very little. No dairy, eggs maybe 2-4 a month if that.

My protein is based on beans, nuts, seeds, a small bit of cheese, and steel cut oatmeal which does have protein.

I eat tons of veggies, no butter, but sprinkle some mozzarella cheese on top of it when heating...

Fruit, fruit and more fruit...I eat maybe 4-6 slices of rye bread a week. VERY LITTLE pasta and when I do, it's always Whole Wheat, no potatoes, not starches, and the biggie.....No sugar, or sweets, For a snack, it's fruit and nut trail mix, or 1 cup of raisins and fiber one cereal dry, or fruit... Got to love the fruit....

Through out the day if I am hungry I will eat any of the above, but limited amounts, but meals I eat tons of the above.......

Hope you can figure out the WW.....



weight watchers does have vegetarian meal plans and recipes. If you use a meat recipe you can always take out the meat and use beans or vegetarian ingredients. WW works for both.
I am about 40 pounds over weight. I havent had the motivation to lose the weight. I realize today that I need to lose this weight. If I dont do it now then I never am going to. Does anyone know how much exercise you are suppose to do to actually lose 2 lbs a week?


Hi, Dorothy,

Even 30 minutes of mildly aerobic exercise three times a week will get you started. This could be a walk or just moving to some music inside. If this is too much, you could start with some stretching and light weight lifting until you build up to 30 minutes of light aerobics. Good luck to you.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Dorothy: I saw your post and had to encourage you. it's hard when you don't feel like moving, but exercise is good for EVERY body. I've been pushing myself to walk 30 min. A day now that the heat of summer is mostly over. I would listen to books on CD then I realized I just wasn't getting into it, so I dug out a CD I like by Bryant Adams. I couldn't believe how suddenly I had so much energy and was enjoying my walks. I wear a watch so I can check my time but I also know how much each block equals a part of a mile. I found I would just push myself to walk an extra block every couple of days. I still use my old CD player, but if you've got an Iphone download something you like with a good beat and I assure you, you will surprise yourself. Good luck.