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im convinced that my M.E/CFS flu like illness, is down to mold

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hi all,

today i have been researching black mold,on the internet.

im now convinced that my declineing health,is due to me living in a mold filled council house.

ive been ill with M.E/CFS for 13 or more years now,and ive lived at this house for that length of time too.

i wasnt ill at all, prior to living in council houses with mold.that began in 1988.


ive replied to other members posts here,as regards,, we who live with house mold.

and my life in this house has been a nightmare of the most terrible health problems.

ive recently been smelling mold in my house again,and detected the smell in the cupboard where i keep my plates,dishes,cups.

i pulled out the washer and what do i see?

the wall has mold on it (its next to my cupboard).the wall has a large hole in it,exposing the actual wall cavity,and theres mold every where.

as im filming the wall,my nose starts to burn inside,and clear liquid just seeps out of my throat is on fire too.

the chap who repaired my sinks drain pipe,forgot to seal up the wall cavity,and has left us severely exposed to the black mold spores.

im just so very angry with it all.


i dont keep my things in that cupboard now anymore.they are in a plastic box,(with a lid),while i wait for my landlord to come and fix this properties on going mold situation.

he should be gracing my door step, on march 26.

its certainly been one hell of a ride this last 13 or more years,and i feel ive aged beyond my years,while living at this property.

as i said,i have been researching the black mold on the internet,and its like something just connected in my brain.

my M.E/CFS symptoms are the same as the symptoms that a person who is very sensitive to mold,would have.

after reading many articles on the net about this black mold,im now convinced that i now truly know, what is making me ill with the flu like illness and fatigue with vomiting and migraine.

i am happy that i can become well, IF I ACT NOW.

but i am at this moment in time, extremely angry, with my landlord, for allowing this mold situation to continue, for well over a decade, at this property.

and in so doing,has denied me a better quality of life,and kept me poverty struck, by my body being so fatigued and sick,that i couldnt work for over 11 years.

my fight with my landlord is just about to begin,and its going to be done by me, legally.

so i have made my own post about my battle with mold in my home.and i am no longer prepared to call it,, that flu like illness,that affects me often.

im now calling it ,,, mold induced syndrome...because thats what it is, that i have.

thankyou so much landlord,for what you have bestowed on me and my family.


i know i inherited asthma from my children have it too.

i now know thanks to reading on the bbc site,this month, that asthma patients,should not be living in moldy enviroments,as the mold can trigger off severe asthma attacks.

i was told at the begining of having these fatigue and flu like illnesses begin,that it was thought i had caught a brain bug.(after having a severe migraine of a different type,attack).

the bug/virus,had gone up my spine,and attacked my brain.and now this is the new me,i should go home and tell my family that i have M.E/CFS.


my current doctor has kept on telling me,yes you did catch a brain bug, and you had M.E. myalgic encephalomyelitis.

(i take it that means brain infection and inflamation).

now you have gone onto develope CFS/chronic fatigue syndrome.or yuppie flu as it used to be called here in the uk.

but my doctor tells me,,,

the brain bug would have gone away,but left you with a weakened immune system.

now when ever you catch a cold, or virus,or the will take you that bit longer to recover from it,compaired to a person who doesnt have CFS/chronic fatigue syndrome.

so you have a longer up hill struggle to recover from any new virus that comes along.


now that all makes sense to me.but over this past few month, ive been researching black mold,and its affect on people who have asthma,or have a compromised immune systems,due to catching brain bugs,viruses whatever.

with the help of other members of this forum.the picture of my, (our) M.E/CFS,and living with black mold.

then my finding out, through my own trial and error,as regards nasal washes and suppliments.

i just know that in my case,living with,and breathing in black mold spores for all these years, is the reason that i am not getting better.

i want to get better,not just tick over a bit,then keep having major flu like events,migraines, and be so chronically fatigued, that i am bedbound for two or more days a week.

i want to be better, and getting away from this mold... IS NOW MY PRIORITY, by whatever means become available to me.


i will write out what i read on the net today, that made me realise I AM EXTREMELY SENSITIVE TO MOLD.

and my poor body is making me have flu like events,such as sneezing continually,and having clear liquid always run from my nose,because....

my body is working its heart out to heal me,to get rid of the mold spores from my mouth and throat,my nasal passages.

and i believe making me vomit on occations,so that it can clear my stomach and intestines of the mold spores that i have swallowed.

my current breathing difficulties indicate to me that my lungs are trying to cough up phlem that contains mold spores.

getting away from this property is my priority now.and getting medical evidense to back up my case against my landlord, is about to begin.

kind regards




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I'm 100% convinced that fungus is the cause of most illnesses. And that problems with fungus are a result of a malfunctioning immune system.
hi all,

thankyou for replying to my post.

ive read many cases,on the net today,as regards how living with mold in the home, has affected both adults and their children.

i read about the book called the mold warriors (havent read the actual book yet though).

on the site, it was mentioned that the following things,are the symptoms of mold sensitivities.....

a person who is extremely sensitive to mold spores will have watery eyes,sneezing,fever,stomach pain,swollen lymphs or glands.

headaches,chills,sleep disturbance.

sinusitis,itching and flu like symptoms that last for two weeks.

if you have the above symptoms this means you are probably having a immunological response to mold exposure.

another piece told how a woman was convinced that her son was ill because of the mold in their home, as he was having the above symptoms, and was having episodes of his face swelling up.

i also have told how my face swells up during the mold exposure, flu flare up.

the woman said that they left that house and all their clothes and belongings.

after three years of her son being away from the moldy house,he made a full recovery.

oohhh that is what i want,a full life back the way it was before this fatigue thing attacked me.


anyone with asthma or breathing difficulties, or indeed any other health problems,that seem to be worse inside the apartment or house where mold is.should get out of that house in order to get better in themselves.

if like me,you live in rented housing,then we are advised to get the landlord to remove the mold problem.

ive been living with this mold for 13 years,and my landlord hasnt managed to fix it yet,no matter what he,s tried to just hasnt worked so far.


so the advice given is....

go to see your doctor and talk about your current mold situation, and your health problems.

you then tell your doctor you are either experiencing discomfort and are worried about getting sick.

or you believe you are already suffering health problems from mold.

ask your doctor to help you document your health problems and its possible relation to mold.

so thats my next move.

also i am no longer cleaning away any new mold growth,but i am instead getting video and photographic proof of it.for any action i have to take to support my case.(make copies of the video and photos).

im telling my landlord that HE must come and remove future mold spores while my family and i are OUT of the house.

my breathing difficulties will not allow me to be in the same place as the mold or its spores. give me another house to live in.

mind you,ive never yet lived in a council house that didnt have a mold situation in it,sadly.

kind regards


hi all,

i havent managed to afford a holiday from home for the last 5 years.but i am reminded that...

whenever i went to stay over at my mums house for two days,with my kids,i wouldnt feel fatigued,and i did actually feel energy bursts coming often.

id also potter a bit in the garden for my mum.

i wouldnt be troubled with the itchy burning nose too.


but when coming back home to this house,i would feel sick to my stomach,develope the migraine with vomiting,and start to feel i had that foggy forgetful brain.

my throat muscles would become very tight,and id lose my voice for a few days.the body trembling and sneezing continually, would come back to me too.

i always thought it was because i had strained my throat muscles with talking too much with mum.

but im now thinking that my body had detected that it was in the mold enviroment again,(back home),and was closing off my throat to avoid the mold spores getting into my lungs and intestines.

we also went on a weeks holiday (about 6 years ago).we went to cornwall,which is down south of the uk.

i had been using a walking stick for many years,as id only just managed to get myself out of the wheel chair,that id been reduced to use with my worsening fibro, M.E/CFS condition.

id also had the spinal pain and loss of the use of my legs.

anyway,i remember very well that after having had two nights sleep on this holiday,id woke up feeling very refreshed,no stomach flutterings and feeling of sickness,no fevers.

and my son asked if i would play football with him after we had got back from a walk on the beach.

i told my husband that i feel so well in myself,feel strangely, normal,,,,no sickly feeling,and that im going to lose the walking stick today,and yes im going to kick that football with our son.

and thats what i did.

i could even manage a little run,and didnt end up falling over on my face, with any sudden leg legs were working ok while living at the seaside.

and i didnt become extremely fatigued after the football match that we,d just played.

but being back home with the mold made me go back to being ill again.and i remember my family being shocked at my decline.

but we never had thought,,,,is the mold making me ill,back then.we didnt have the internet to even be able to read up about how black mold affects some people who are sensitive to it, or have asthma.

my husband and children still often coment on that year, i suddenly got well for a week, down cornwall.

my husbands opinion on my sudden good health,was that we where down south and in warmer climate,so your fibro isnt as burdened..he said.

but i got ill when back home.

it just never occured to me,till now, that it might have been due to actually being away from my home and its mold enviroment.

even now ill say i feel better at work,but when im back home,here with the mold,the stomach sickness,and nasal problems return to me,and ill start body trembling again.

ive thought it was tiredness from my job,but it could also be that im back home with the mold,so getting ill again.


about four weeks ago,id gone to my job and felt ok,then when i walked through a door into a corridor,i sort of walked into this foul smelling perfume,that a member of staff was wearing.

instantly i got what we call that flu like body trembling,and i felt that if i didnt sit down straight away,i would drop to the floor.

i get that feeling also,when i travel on a certain bus that is old and has deasel smells inside it.thank god i dont use that bus service often.

so it does seem that my flu like condition is related to mold and other smells out doors.

getting away from those things does make me recover quickly.

but staying in their enviroment does quickly, and severely, give me the fatigue, and feelings of sickness.

plus a whole host of other things that ive always called..that flu like event with fatigue.

kind regards



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been the same!

I have been so much worse ....and even though I have been out of that building for 14 months Iam still very ill...getting better some but overall I feel that it just made me so much worse!

bumping for you!

hi all,

just before last christmas,i decided to buy a new sofa and arm chairs.

id read another members posts about black mold in the home,and she had said that the spores would be all over furniture and clothes.

my hubby and son put our old sofa and chair out on the back yard.

i was shocked to see that in just two days of that furniture being out of this moldy house,the furniture was completely covered in tiny black mold spores.

so that tells me that my furniture had mold all over it,but it had been too tiny for us to see it with the naked eye.

then when it had been on the yard just those two days,the spores had multiplied enough for us to be able to see them.

we put the furniture into the sun,as i wanted to know if the sunlight would make the spores go didnt.

the furniture is made of leather and its pink.

it was scary to see that the whole of its leather was covered in black yes mold spores are on our belongings while living in a house that has mold problems.

i just hope my landlord hurries up and plasters the current hole, that is exposing the wall cavity,behind my washing machine.he can clean the mold off the walls too,as im not touching it.

my house is rank with the mold smell.

kind regards

Hi, Fran!

I totally support your decision to get out of your moldy house. It sounds like a nightmare!

Good luck with everything.
hi all,

my landlords house inspector called here yesterday,to have a look for himself at the current mold situation in my house,and he did smell the mold in my cupboard,where the dishes are kept.

he looked behind the washing machine,at the wall with the hole in it.

he saw the cavity, and comented on the fact that the place where the sinks old drain pipe used to be,had been packed with old could tell it was old as it was yellowed with age.

his conclusion...

yes the workman who came a few weeks ago, to fit a new drain pipe in a different place,should have taken that newspaper out of the hole,and plastered up the hole,thus sealing up the cavity, and stop the mold spores coming into our breathing space.

also he said that it looks like the people who fitted our kitchen a few years ago,where responsible for packing the hole,,, near the new sink drain,,,with the newspaper,then just putting plaster over weve been exposed to mold in that place for a few years too,and not known it until now.

the cavity wasnt sealed up,and to make matters worse,there is currently another hole under the sinks cupboard,and the wall cavity is showing there too.

shoddy workmanship is what he told us.

anyway i have to wait another seven days to get a date as to when the holes will be properly sealed up.

i just wish i could breath in some fresh air,while at home.instead of these stinky,horrible mold spores.

oohh nevermind,ill just make notes and wait for my doctors appointment to come to me.

what more can a tennant do with such shoddy treatment from this properties landlord.

to save money, they did away with the inspections of the work, AFTER its been carried out.thats their biggest mistake i feel.

if they rein-stated these inspectors,those cavity wall holes would have been discoverd long ago,and i wouldnt have had my current health problems.

take care all

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hi i was wondering what can i use that is affordable since i can't go to a doctor for medicine for my black mold situation, that i can use to get rid of it in my body, i was unfortunately in a decrepit apartment that was destroyed by a slumlord & was living there for 3 years after he went & busted a 55 gallon water heater & it got me terribly sick with black mold, i finally got out of that place last year but now im stuck with the crappy flulike symptoms of the black mold also to where it's making me have a bad odor to my body whenever i eat, drink, come in contact with any other odor or touch anything, and with smoke that aggravates it in my body, i don't know if oil of oregano or activated charcoal can help usher this mold out of my body cause it's literally been hell on me for 3 years and every doctor i've went to, they don't believe i have this black mold sickness and just tell me that it "magically" goes away when you get out of the infected environment, i have been trying to get fresh air but it's kinda impossible with so many people that smoke around me. i feel helpless that i can't get this out of my body.