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Immune Modulators

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I just read an article by Dr. Cheney that says that TF 560 is an immune modulator, and that the dosage of Immune Modulators has to be varied so that the immune system doesn't get used to it.

With that being the case, should I be taking 3/day for 3 months, then one/day, or should I be on an entirely different schedule?

Interesting to find out that the AHCC, which I had taken for years and which stopped working, is also an Immune Modulator.

I took 1 capsule, 3 times/week. That makes me think if I could come up with a way of altering the dosage it might start working again!

I went off of it entirely the entire month of November, and when I started taking it again in Dec. it worked for 3 weeks, then I went into the relapse I'm in now.

This information I read today explains why it quit working! Maybe I'm closer to a solution here!

Any opinions? Also, does anyone know if the TF 540 and TF Essentials are Modulators, also?



Cheney used to have a list of the modoulators...I will have to do this from memory.

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Isoprinine (?) That is the drug not available in the US but is in virtually every other country. We can get it but there are some forms to be filled out I was ready to order it, had my doc sign the forms, then backed out and went with Immune Transfer C.

I have been alternating the days I take the Immune Transfer C and Mycoplus. Three days on one, four on the other. That seemed to work for me.

But now I have developed Iritis which may be indicative of an autoimmune disease so I have stopped the TF's until this gets figured out.

The Mitochrondria Ingnite and DRibose are doing an good job for me right now.