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In need of some advice with an ongoing battle.

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hello all, my name is Jessica. Most of my life i have been ridiculed and bullied for various reasons. I normally never let it get to me, that is until my mother passed away. Ever since then I have been in a downward spiral that I cannot seem to get out of. Obesity runs in my mothers family on both sides, both with my grandfather and grandmother. Over the years I have been struggling with my weight as I don't want to end up with my family genetics. My weight has fluctuated more times Ron Paul has run for office. I'll go through a period where I am somewhat satisfied with my weight, because I made myself anorexic to look the way I wanted to look. But then things happen, aside from my extreme case of depression and manic bipolarity, such as a heartwrenching breakup that sent me into a binge that has lasted for months now. All I want is to be thin so I can be noticed for a change, as Jessica, not that girl who is friends with the girl that has every guy drooling. Maybe I'm a bit shallow, but more than anything I am insecure. I was hoping someone could help me and give me some guidance, if its possible. To those of you who took the time to read my self-pitying story, I appreciate it.... and thank you for your time. If anyone has any words of wisdom, I am all ears.

Jessica XX