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Instructions on the Chat feature?

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Are the instructions for chatting posted someplace?

I've been able to chat with folks twice. That's a 20% success rate. I need instructions for dummies in view of my brain fog past and my current Alzheimer's.

All tips gratefully received.



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Rock there should be another thread about this that you where in too that has instructions posted... I'll see if I can find it...

Edit: found it and included some screen shots that should make it easier to understand. Good luck. You did it before, will do it again ;)
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1 To try you first have to click on that on/off button on the right bottom side of your screen to put it on. If it is red it is not on. If it is activated you should see three grey buttons appear.
2 Then by clicking the right grey bar with green light it opens a chatroom and you should see who is online to chat too.
3 If you want to chat with a particular person there is a search bar you can type their name in, they have to be in the online list though. Or you can just click their name probably
4 Else you just go to General chat (the center grey button) and type there.
5 Typing is done in the lower blanc bar and by hitting enter it will be posted in the General chat room.
6 If you see someone on the right window who is not yet in the general chat you can try and drag them to the general chat window to send them an invitation.
7 You can also start your own chat bly clicking on the most left grey bar and give it a title. You have to pick if it is public or only for you and can invite people the same way as in the general chat.
8 If you want to close the chat feature, in the right grey bar when it is openend you have to click on the little down arrow next to the sun/settings image.
9 If you accedentially closed chat windows and wonder where they went you find a grey button on the left bottom side of your screen that says More Chats with an up arrow next to it. Click it and you will find all the chats that are open to you at that moment.
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Hi All.

Rock, I recall you wondering how to send a private message one on one.

Private messages are not real time live chat. They are like e-mails within this site only.

Here's one way to private message:

1. Click the person's username or picture that's to the left side of one of their posts.

2. In the pop-up box that appears, click 'Start a Conversation".

3. Type them a private message in the message box.

4. Click 'Start a Conversation' underneath message box to send.

When they reply back, you'll see a red number on your Inbox, located in the green bar that's above the topic list on every page. Inbox is toward the right side in that green bar.

Click on Inbox, then click the title of their message to read their message and to reply.

Some members have their private message option turned off because they don't want to use that feature. You won't see 'Start a Conversation' when you click on their username or picture.

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Hey Soul and Patti

Thanks for going to all the trouble to type up those instructions. I will experiment
and see what happens. At the moment I'm the only one here.

Just woke up after a nap of several hours. Gordon and I are about to juice 5
pounds of carrots. We add a couple apples and a cucumber to perk up
the flavor.

Oh, Julie is here. I'll see if I can connect with her.

In closing, saw a silly T shirt on the net today. If I were still at the age where I bought
that short of thing, I would snatch one up. "Department of Redundancy Department".