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Interview With Yolanda Hadid

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My e-newsletter from ProHealth featured an interview with one of the stars of Housewives of Beverly Hills TV show. She has severe Lyme and has been searching for a cure, trying to reclaim her own health, and advocating in the media for awareness of Lyme Disease. Many may have followed her progress as she continues to fight. I admit that Housewives is one of my guilty pleasures. I don't have Lyme but suffer from four immune/autoimmune conditions. When I'm exhausted and in a relapse, TV helps me to relax and get my mind off myself.

ProHealth has awarded Yolanda a Lifetime Achievement Award. This newsletter is filled with articles about Lyme. If y'all haven't signed up for it, please do it. ProHealth has an amazing number of articles and papers on the latest research into, and treatment of, the conditions which ail us. Many with Lyme also suffer other conditions. My daughter has been diagnosed with Lyme and also suffers from Fibromyalgia.

Best of luck to everyone in your journeys to reclaim your good health.

Love, Mikie