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Welcome to the ProHealth Fibromyalgia forums! Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your health situation and what you are hoping to get out of the forums.


Hello. My name is Doreen. I was rear ended in 2007 by male driver not watching the road. He is fine. I was diagnosed a year later with Fibromyalgia. My attorney's doctor RX me Lyrica which stopped working three months later and then started on Cymbalta, stopped working and then Savella. End result was I gained 75# [I weighed 125#] which slowly blew out both knees. They were replaced in 2012. The left knee always had issues. MD dismissed me numerous times. Got a second opinion, which resulted in three MORE surgeries in 2014. Today, both knees have constant pain. Also, I have RLS, TMJ, CFS, Chronic Pain, Chronic Insomnia, back pain and a low grade headache that I have had since 2007. I wish I had found this group years ago.


Hello everyone! My name is Tammy. As a kid I always stayed sick. I had ear surgery early due to a cyst then on to problems with my knees. In my early 20’s I started having bad migraines that were just terrible! All you had then was OTC drugs. I eventually started to have pain and swelling. I also started losing my hair! I ended up at the time with thrombocytosis, which was brand new to Duke doctors then. I got pregnant and that somehow helped but not enough. I still encountered pain daily but at certain times of the year or weather made things not good. My primary doc wanted more answers because I started having bad infections at certain times of the year as well as missing a lot of work. I ended up being diagnosed by a doctor in the clinic about my fibromyalgia but my primary said he already had an inkling. I ended up leaving my job and getting on disability. The pain and infections that happen are not nice. I also have MGUS which a first stage you can have before myeloma. As well as RA, OA in knees, congenital stenosis (spine), carpal tunnel x 2 and a large thyroid nodule. So I type too much but I have questions. Glad to meet everyone!
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