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Is TF safe if you have Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism (autoimmune)

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I have read that you shouldn't take TF if you have an autoimmune disorder. I have Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism, which is an autoimmune disease and the most common type of hypothroidism found in the US. I also have autonomic dysfunction (neurally mediated hypotension) and other conditions which my doctor feels is caused by autonomic dysfunction. He treats diabetics all the time (he is an endocrinologist) and sees nerve damage all the time. He thinks CFS is nerve damage caused by an overactive immune system.

Would Transfer Factor by safe for me? I could only afford the cheaptest in price?

Thanks for your input.


Dr. Ryser who has had CONSIDERABLE experience with TF's says that she is cautious when prescribing TF's for a person with autoimmune disease.

The Chisholm Lab says that it could not possibly be a problem because it "corrects" an immune system. It doesn't up regulate it or down regulate it.

Rather confusing.

If you decide to try it, the general on sold here, Transfer Factor Essential would probably be the mildest. And you could take just part of a capsule and see how you do.



In the CFS Newsletter from ProHealth that one doc believes that TF's do not pose a danger in autoimmunity but rather modulate immunity to correct it.

I always thought those with autoimmune conditions shouldn't take the TF's but after reading the article, the doc's reasoning made sense to me. I hope we hear more about this because autoimmunity is nothing to play around with.

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I know that you and Rich Carson have had such good success with Transfer Factor. The more specialized ones are very expensive for me, but thought that I might try Transfer Factor Essentials. It seems like when I exert myself, I feel like I have a virus, it used to just be fatigue, but now I'm getting viral symptoms, too. Don't know if this would solve it.


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I am really interested in taking the 4life Transfer Factor too but like you I have Hashimoto's disease.
Can you tell me if you decided to go ahead with it and your progress?
They are expensive after all and I would be grateful fi you coudl let me know if you thought they helped with your overall health!