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Iv treatment makes CFIDS symptoms worsen

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I was recently diagnosed with CFIDS been taking vitamin mineral iv's and supplements so far to help. I have had 5 iv's now and each make my symptoms worse . I am down for days. I call in each time to let them know how I am doing and each time they have to lessen the amounts in my iv's due to my reaction to them

I have read that it may be herx but not sure. I would think eventually after each one I wouldn't feel as bad. It seems the symptoms after iv's are getting worse to the point it scares me to be alone. Makes me feel like something is eating away at my brain, Bell's palsy symptoms, lethargic, nauseated and intense fire like feelings all over my head
I know I am new to this forum and this disease but would like input from anyone in regards to how helpful the iv's are to others.

Also my lymph system in my neck is killing me and feel like my spleen and liver are congested from the overload of the toxins . What is bbesr for the lymph system to move better acupuncture or lymph massage ? Thank you


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Hi Leo, could it be you are intolerant to anything else they use in the IV fluid or supplements? I'm not familiar with IV treatment but I do know I have to be extremely careful with ingredients in supplements because I have quite a few intolerances.

Make sure to use the search on the forum to see if others mention something about it on other forum parts.

Sometimes symptoms getting worse can mean your body is working out some things (like detox symptoms) but I'm sure they should be able to tell you about that if that is to be expected and it shouldn't continue for a long time. The fiery feeling in the skull sounds a bit like what I experienced when I just started using reishi but it's hard to compare from just a few words.

I hope you soon find something that gives you relief. Make sure to take plenty of rest in between activities and learn to properly pace yourself. That's what helped me a lot at least. We are all so different and unique though. Hang in there and take care. You WILL learn how to better deal with everything in time I'm sure!