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Jaminhealth --- Dr. Jeanette Ryan in Santa Monica

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Hi Jam,

I just ran across some YouTube videos by a naturopathic physician from Santa Monica who claims to have recovered from fibromyalgia using techniques she now incorporates into her practice. I usually get frustrated watching videos as I search for good information, as they often talk and talk without ever saying very much (which makes me end up not liking them very much):rolleyes:.

I found the opposite to be the case with this woman however. She's succinct, gets straight to the point, espouses natural, common sense modalities that I think you would have an affinity for, and is likable! Anyway, I thought if you hadn't heard of her, you might be interested in knowing she's in your neighborhood. --- Dr. Jeanette Ryan, D.C., Doctor of Natural Medicine

Hope you're doing well. Happy Holidays! --- Wayne