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Jokes, Riddles, and Funny Bits

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Hi Kids

Here are some funny memos written by producers and executives of TV shows
to the people who were actually making the shows. The title of this little gem of
a book is "A martian wouldn't say that." A memo saying just that was written to
the producer of the TV show My Favorite Martian.

This is the best script for The Addams Family we've read in a year. Attached
are the notes for the rewrite.

With regard to the Fred Astaire special: Too much dancing.

Please do not sensationalize the dead gopher.

In response to your lists of suggested writers for your upcoming pilot,
who is Truman Capote?

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Hi Kids

Here's some humor from George Burns's book "Wisdom of the 90's". Interview. To what do you attribute reaching the age of
95? "Last year i was 94."

What's you secret to living so long? "I can't tell you. It's a secret."

You're still a pretty good dancer. How do you do it? "I have pacemakers in my feet."

On Don Rickles. He must be pretty smart. He's insulted everybody, and still has all his teeth.

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Dear Rock,

I heard someone say he got memory foam insoles for his shoes and now he won't forget why he went into another room.

Love this silly humor.

Love, Mikie


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My favorite corny riddle -

Q. Why did the lettuce blush?

A. Because he saw the salad dressing.

Joke -

The doctor gave the man's diagnosis to the man's wife while he waited in the waiting room.

Doc told her that the only way her husband would survive is if she cooked him three hot meals a day and gave him lots of personal attention.

When she came back out, her husband asked her what the diagnosis was. She replied "I'm sorry, but you're not gonna make it."