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Juicers- Anyone here use them ?

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I may be thinking of getting one if I can find a good one for not to terriblly expensive.
Any ideas on what to buy or not to buy and where ??

Thanks a lot !



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Just got back from WM and found a few good ones at a good price but did not buy yet. I know what you mean about buying gadgets and not using them. Some people like my cousins daughter does it all the time and she has also made alot of money from her natural healing business. I forget the name but she juices all the time, and home schools too. Talk about motivation, not to mention her age. She apparently says that she has healed her arthriis from juicing and some of her products.

My DH could care less and thinks we should just go buy the juices (yet he wants to save money), doesn't make sense to me. I told him too that you cannot buy celery juices in the store. The closest I have found is the Low Sodium V 8 that also has other veg. juices in it too.

Still thinking and waiting for my order to come in of Natural Calm and the Heart Care. Wonder if the Health stores have any juices that are low sodium and have alot of the veg. and fruit juices . If they do I am sure they are not to chea. I also know that many of the vitamin companies have the caps of fruits and veggies too. Decisions, decisions !!!

We'll see !!



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I know what you mean as I do not even use my blender much and not sure how good it is with mixing things up, especially things like veggies or fruits. I was hoping to have something for celery for my hi b/p. I am going to see if I can possibly get off some off these diuretics . Even if I can get off one or two of my meds it is a good thing. I will also try that Heart Care and see how that works. It seems like all I want to do is to go to the bathroom - for the birds.

I know all about the extra stuff in the bottles or canned juices. The V8 low sodium is the only one I could see that probably had celery in it and is lower in sodium and not alot of sugars and stuff in it. I looked at alot of juices which I knew probably were loaded with extra stuff none of us need and they were.

Diane - Is Kevin oin much medication for his high b/p? I know he had a problem with regulating it some time ago . Is he on anything natural at all?

Thanks both of you for your info. I just need to think about it some more. I just do not want to buy one and esp spend much on one in case I end up not using it a whole bunch in the end.. but I doubt somehow that my DH will drink much of the veggie/fruit juices although he does drink the V8.

Bye for now ! TTYL !



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I purchased an "Omega" juicer which has been very good. It cost about $400 and has a 15 year warranty. It is heavy duty and made to last.

How often do you plan on using your juicer? That is the biggest consideration. If you plan on using it a lot, you want to get a good quality juicer. If you only plan on using it ocassionally, then you can get by with a cheaper juicer. The best indicator of the quality of the juicer is the warranty. If it is only warranted for 30 days, don't expect much. If it is one year, expect the juicer to last approximately a year with regular use. If you want a good machine that is going to take daily use--long term, look for a 15 to 20 year warranty.

The machines that advertise that you don't need to cut the fruit or vegetables before juicing aren't good choices. It actually wears the motor out trying to force whole items through.