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Juicing for Health

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I feel the greatest benefit from juicing honeydew & cantalope. Jay Kordich says to scrub the rind and juice the whole thing. Add 1/2 lime to the honeydew for some flavor as it's bland. 90% of the vitamins are near or in the skin.

Lots of buzz over Vitalzym and Virastop 'fruit based' enzymes...but what if potent enzymes are just simply melon/papaya/pineapple derived.

2nd best is from juicing a Carrot + anything else from Jay Kordich's recipes. Carrot+Beet+ cucumber OVER cleanse me the first time I used it. He calls it a "liver cleanser".

I feel worse when I juice fruits. My daughter the dietician says that juice w/o the fiber is spiking my blood sugar. "Viruses breathe sugar".


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Carrots (always), spinach and/or Kale (always) with a granny smith apple (less sugar than other apples)...Than I add parsley or cilantro (very healthy) or even a zucchini (I know - sounds crazy, but it's got lots of fluid and fiber! lol)...

Strawberries are sometimes thrown in, but I stick to the leafy greens, carrots and granny smith apples...and definitely cilantro or parsley...

While melons are healthy, they're often very hard to digest for many people (speaking from experience)...I can eat a papaya but am highly allergic to papaya chewable enzymes - do figure!

I'm trying beets next, but I've got such bad candidiasis that I have to be careful...

Looking forward to everyone else's juicing recipes...Oh, and aloe vera thrown in is nice and soothing for the tummy...

Healing thoughts for everyone!
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Hello all!

be careful with fruits/carrots because of the sugar content. i was juicing every day and drinking about a full sized mason jar and this increased my sugar lever and i was nearly juiced into diabetes. my doctor was concerned and i had to stop juicing for a while and clear my system

now i am only juicing a glass a day, with healthy stugg..celery, spinach, tomatoes, apple, orange, berries, with a very limited amount. this stuff is sooooooogood.

i ad a little benefiber and shake it all of, put it in the freezer and once cold, pour it in a very nice glass, with a straw and sip away.

enjoy juicing.....



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I've also read that it is best not to juice fruits or too many carrots and beets because they do raise your blood sugar levels,.

My typical juice is a mix of whatever is in the fridge, typically:
carrot (1/2small)
beet(1/2 small)

I might also use brocolli or cabbage, or even cauliflower.

I tend to not juice fruits because its too much sugar without fibre, and I prefer to eat the fruit whole.

I drink 300 - 500 mls of juice about 5 days a week. I dont usually bother on the weekend.

I have on occassion felt nauseaus if I drink the juice too quicky, so tend to sip it for about 15 minutes, and I try to eat some protein before I drink the juice - this helps alot.

I've also read that fresh juice needs to be consumed within 20 mins or else it oxidises and many of the nutrients etc are lost.

Take care

My husband is looking to get me a juicer for xmas and wanted to know what juicer to get.

Any specific brand?

Any specific specifications we should look for (what it should be able to do)?

Thank you,
Blessed Be & Kitten Hugs,


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On buying a juicer,

If you have to chop, chop, chop all the time or it is hard to clean, your interest may wane.

Reading up before I bought, the recommendations were:

Powerful motor - to handle the tough stuff and the ability to handle larger fruits and veggies to cut down on the preparation. (Not so much chop, chop, chop.)

Wide shute. Again, fitting larger fruits and veggies.

I bought a Breville, it has been great so far.

Remember to wash everything, including prewashed foods, use a veggie detergent when washing, then rinse thoroughly.

I have no kitchen right now, cabinets are in, no counter or sink. We have company coming for Christmas and a wedding at the end of the year, yikes. It has been months since I juiced, really miss it, I felt more nourished juicing In rennovating the kitchen, I made sure I had a double sink one being a small prep sink to make the washing, scrubbing easier.


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Tried juiceman, sent to goodwill! J.L.L SO fast. Makes aLOT of juice. Haven't done beets yet, heard too many people stuck in bathroom or sick to stomach being cleansed too fast. I guess, start small. The other person is right, a good apple makes everything taste good! With juicing you get all your fresh produce for the day in two glasses! Do make sure you wash them well before juicing so no grit or worse. Some good starts with fruit(love with breakfast) are apple,carrot,strawberry or pinneapple, melon,kiwi(I'm told kiwi has potassium/VitC).Enjoy juicing!


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I bought the Jack LaLane (sp) juicer. You used to see a lot of infomercials late at night for this product and it was selling for a quite high price, however, this juicer, and in fact almost any other, can be had on Ebay for but a small fraction of the retail price. Mine, from Ebay, was brand new in the unopened box, came with the normal warranty and other acoutrements and was a real bargain. This one has the most powerful motor you can buy in a juicer and this is the number one problem in lesser juicers - a less than terrific motor that will give out before it should. This juicer could juice steel. I paid less than a quarter of it's normal price - and that included the shipping. Realize that you cannot make smoothies and drinks like that with a juicer; for that you need your blender. Just juice. Good luck.


Juicing Suggestion for my CFS

I recently watched Dale Figtree's DVD "Joy of Nutrition." Rich Carson said "Dale Figtree has done more to help my health than any other practioner." I purchased it on Pro Health's web site. In it Figtree has a great juicing recipe. I added a few extras to it and voila! I found my new favorite juice.

Here is the list of things I juice:

CARROTS - no more than 4 oz of carrot juice per serving .
(figtree says that too much Beta Caratene is not
good for the liver)
BEETS- no more than 4 oz of Beet juice per serving
(again because of Beta Caratene)
(newly added, below)

I juice the Parsley, Cilantro, Garlic, and Dandelion Greens first, and drink them (first and rather rapidly) seperate because their taste overpowers the rest of the juice.

Figtree suggests not adding fruit, but I only add a small sliver of apple to it to make it taste better.

I split the juice with my fiance. We get about 16 ounces each, although I always some how end up with more than she, hehe.

Peace and Love, Sean

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I have a breville--it's an atom smasher!

First the soft stuff:
italian parsley
sometimes cilantro
chard and/or kale

This yields a little juice, but it's such a rich, deep green, it's got to be wonderfully good.

Then, on the more powerful setting:
an apple
one carrrot
plenty of celery
large piece of cucumber
tiny slice of beet
sometimes zucchini

This is very pleasant tasting. The larger the beet piece, the more 'earthy' the taste, so I go easy on that. The celery is anti-inflamatory so I use plenty of it.

I've learned to avoid nightshade plants in the juice, because it was making me very sore. I can use normal amounts, mainly tomato and bell pepper, in cooking, but the amount I was getting in the juice was too much.


That's interesting because my Doctor told me to avoid those vegetables. She said that they may help to make my muscles/joint pain worse, so I should avoid them.


I'm going to start juicing soon. I was advised to dilute the juice with an equal quantity of pure water. Otherwise, the concentrated juice (due to lack of fibre) might trigger jump in insulin. This goes for fruits and vegetables.

I'm also wondering about digestion. When I eat fruit and vegetables they begin digestion in my mouth. If drink juice that doesn't get a chance to happen. Not sure if this makes a difference.


I make about 25 ounces of fresh vegetable juice every day, and I start in the morning with about 16 ounces of fresh juice. I pour the remaining juice into one or two additional glasses, cover tightly with foil or plastic wrap, and refrigerate to enjoy later in the day.

My recipe was given to me by Dr. Dale Figtree, a PhD nutritionist, and includes the following, mostly organic veggies:

Lemon juice (from 1/2 lemon)
Garlic (a clove or two)

I also juice any other fruits or veggies that are getting past their prime (rather than let them go to waste). The vegetables towards the end of the list add a much stronger flavor and many people may not like their strong taste. Please check out Dr. Dale Figtree's DVD available on ImmuneSupport.com. She recommended this recipe to me in 2003 and it has made a huge difference in my CFS.

By the way, I highly recommend an augur style juicer such as the Omega 8003 or 8005, or the Sampson 9001. High speed centrifugal juicers such as the Jack Lalanne machine are great for pulpy veggies like carrots, beets, and celery, but they do a terrible job at extracting juice from leafy greens.

I used the Sampson juicer for about two and a half years, but now use the Omega 8003 which I feel is superior. The Omega 8005 is exactly the same juicer but in a chrome finish.

Juicing is expensive and time consuming and I wish I could stop. But because it makes such a huge contribution to my health, I'm hooked. By the way, every one of my joint aches--many of which caused me pain for over 15 years, slowly disappeared. No more sore lower back, or sore knees—and my ortho doc recommended surgery. Ha!

Juicing really works, but you must be patient. Give it time, and you will get results.

Good luck and happy juicing,

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Thanks so much for posting what goes into your juice concoction. Do you do all those fruits and veggies every day? That is quite a few ingredients! Do you have a separate refrigerator just for storing all that stuff?

Do you feel that the Omega juicers are far superior to the centrifugal juicers? I just got a Breville which is a centrifugal juicer. I really like it so far, but it's my first juicer, so I have nothing to compare it to. So far I've done carrots, celery, beets, apples, parsley and ginger. The juice produced is fantastic and cleanup is quite easy.

I'm also in the market for a good juicing book. Any suggestions beyond the Dale Figtree DVD? That sounds interesting, and I may buy it, but I'd also like something that is more just about juicing.

Again, thanks for sharing your experience! Any comments are welcome!


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"The Champion" juicer has been around since 1955. I have never seen a more durable juicer. I have had one for over 20 years. I am probably too late on my response to the question, however, this is my first post on this site.

Note: I would advise contacting the manufacturer for and questions regarding the type of vegetables you are going to use it for before purchase.

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Some "Green Bags" from Home Shopping Network. They are supposed to keep fruit and veggies fresh for weeks. I haven't received them yet but they have been presented before and there have been tons of testimonials praising them.

One of the problems of juicing is having so much produce on hand. I hate to have food go to waste. I'll let y'all know how I like the bags.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie I think you will like them.

They work best I believe if produce is dry. Also items like apples, remove the stem as it will poke a hole in the bad rendering it useless. Sharp pointing things bad. Treat them very carefully. Eventually they develop holes no matter how careful you are and are less effective, but they are worth every cent.

Some things do not work well in them just wish I remembered what they were, perhaps bananas.