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Juicing with IBS

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I very much would like to start a juicing regimen. I was juicing for awhile with a centrifugal type juicer and getting almost no juice out of kale, spinach or any other leafy green. I have heard of the masticating juicers getting more juice out of greens however they also get more fiber. The only way I can digest green vegetables is using my old Acme centrifuge juicer which takes out most of the fiber. The masticating juicer that is great for greens also has more fiber in the juice which I am afraid could set off my IBS.

Does anyone else with IBS have trouble digesting juice from a masticating juicer. they are so expensive. I don't want to get one and then not be able to use it and they also dont do the soft vegetables so would need the other kind too?

I am trying to learn how to grow as many fruits and vegetables as I can on a small city lot. I have almost run out of backyard and will have to start next summer on the front.

My husband who is healthy doesn't like vegetables but will drink any vegetable juice I make so he would benefit from juicing also.

I am thinking of getting a Breville to start and if I see any benefit in health move up to a more expensive juicer. I used the Acme juicer everyday for over 6 months and didn't notice any improvement in health which was disappointing. But I did enjoy drinking the juice. Making it however became too much because of how difficult it was to clean the juicer.

Any advice from experienced juicers would be greatly appreciated.