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Just Bought A Nutri Bullet & Love It!

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I had watched the infomercials on the NB with interest. I bought mine at Costco. It was the least expensive one I found with all the sizes of containers and the book. I had a juicer but found that it cost an arm and a leg to buy all that produce to put through it and all the good parts of the produce went into the garbage. Also, the juice can spike blood sugar.

With the NB, I just stuff some greens half way and add whatever I want. Berries and pineapple are especially good. Ginger is good to add too. The book has what they call, Nutri Blast drinks for different kinds of problems, such as inflammation.

What I like is that, now, I can get my greens, which I haven't been doing. Also, I don't have to prepare strawberries, except to wash them. I just throw them in, leaves and all. I can also just use fruit to make smoothies.

Just thought y'all might like info on the BN from someone who likes it.

Love, Mikie


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Is this easy to clean up? I've got a juicer but it's a PAIN. And like your experience I found that things with the fruits made me feel awful....blood sugar I guess so I stopped using it.

By the way.......I'm loving the Icy Hot Tens unit! I put it on my shoulder areas for about l l/2 hrs before bed and found it really helped with the pain. I've checked around and I think Target is the least expensive place to buy the refill pads......around $10 for 2 pads plus the battery?


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@sunflowergirl They are very easy to clean up after use. Just as you would with a blender, put some water and a drop of dish soap in when you are finished and run it for a couple of seconds to clean under the blades. The thing I love about the NB or Magic Bullets is you don't waste any of the produce like you do with a juicer. For my smoothies I do one cup of liquid (usually cold green tea or water), one cup of greens, and one cup of soft fruit such as berries, mango, kiwis, etc. I also add things like wheat germ or bran, or ground flax seeds, D-Ribose, Lecithin, and whey protein.


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I'm really loving this nutribullet. I usually add flax and sunflower or pumpkin seeds to the top before blending. And a friend said I should also add some sour cherries for the arthritis....and I just read today on Dr. Mercola's site about sprouted broccoli seeds.......most interesting. Looks like I'll have to also add sprouts to my drink.