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Ketamin therapy?

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Has anyone read the new results about Ketamin therapy for Fibromyalgia? Anyone tried it? I'm getting a bit desperate here since I can't travel to Dr. C in Mexico.
At this point they are mostly touting it for major depression and PTSD etc. They have just recently been using it for Fibro. It's a brain reset for your neurotransmitters, the ones who say your in great pain when your Dr. says you look healthy and he can't find anything wrong, perhaps a little inflammation
Anyone please look it up at tell me your thoughts. I think I'm going for it.


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What is the treatment?

Several years ago an alternative Dr. offered a ketamine IV for $1800. He said the pain relief would last from 6-18 months and then I would need it again. He also said it was common to hallucinate during the IV. I decided against it.

The treatment was in Santa Rosa CA but the Dr that was offering it moved to New Mexico. I don't remember his name.