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Life has changed!

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I now wake up every morning at 7am. Usually I could easily sleep til 11 am or noon cause I wasn't
making the 8am cortisol.

Guess I am making it now! Am using a stationary bike 3 times a week for 1 hour. Then a couple
of times a week for 30 mins. (I had to work up very slowly starting with 20 mins).

And I got a Body Flex (google) and am gaining upper body strength!! Again, started very, very
slowly. Really only do 3 of the many moves even now. But I do love this lightweight piece of

Oh, my stationary bike seems to be geared toward older or not so good health ppl. But it
does say takes 1.5 hours to put together. It did take Brother and Hubby 1.5 hours and Brother
is very handy. Got it at Overstock.



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Spacee, what have you been doing that has allowed you to get to this point in your life? And do you have CFS or FM?


TigerLilea, I have CFS not FM though I have some kind of referred pain that I can't think of the name.
A physical Therapist told me that I had it, not my doc.

I used to wake up every morning in the morning. Then, out of the blue (but after stressful events like
Mother dying, and lots of upgrades to the house), I quit waking up until 11am or noon. I asked my
doc to do a cortisol test. Which meant I had to have blood drawn at 8am (yikes) and 4pm. I would
wake up if I set an alarm. So, I did that and made the two blood draws. The 4pm cortisol was fine,
the 8am was not normal. You need cortisol to wake up.

I am not waking up like I did after the "O" shot but have high hopes for down the road since that
was just the 3rd shot.


I decided to post a separate reply for how I got to this point in my life.

Was terribly ill in the late 1980's. After going on Kutapressin and high dose B-12 injections
3 times at week (ordered by Dr. Lapp but my gp ordered after the first time). I had to start
out very slow. Snails pace. In a warm water therapy pool. The PT said that I would see no
results for 3 months but then I would be able to join the class. He was right. The class was
NOT aerobic but more like doing the Hokey Pokey for 30 mins.

Then I started dropping by the gym while doing errands. I would start with 5 mins of the
weight machines at their lowest weight for 5 mins the first week (about 3 times a week).
The next week, I would do 10 mins. The next 15 and the last 20 mins. I stayed at 20 mins.
If I missed a week or two, I had to start over at the 5 min level.

Then I started walking at the mall which was 15 mins for one lap. Same way, 15 mins for a week
or two, then 30 mins and then 45. Some times I would have to stop and have some fat free, no
sugar ice cream before going on to the next 15 mins. But oddly once I did that, the next time
I didn't need to keep doing the ice cream thing.

Then came no Kutapressin/B-12. Had to find something to take it's place and found Transfer


I am starting again cause I don't know the limit on these posts.

The Transfer Factors (which are no longer available thanks to the FDA shutting them down) where
the best for me. I slowly did some lap swimming, then added yoga 2 times a week. Finally added
the body pump class. I tailored it to my level by ordering a body bar in lower weight. That kept
my heart rate within 105.

Now that the Transfer Factors are no longer available, I am back on Nexavir (new Kutapressin) and
the high dose B-12. Which gives me energy.

Then I started having a terrible time with light and sound. So much so that I was spending 20 hours
a day in a dark room in bed. That was this year.

Aha, a fix for that is 12.5mg of xanax (take a little bite off a 5 mg pill), tramadol and a diet coke from
McD's if I can get it. If not, a small diet coke helps but not as well as McD's. With that combo, I have
a good 4 hours of energy. I do it at noon and at supper time. Noon more for the energy and supper
time the sound of the tv and talking to my twin on the phone.

So, that is how I got to where I am right now. Right now in addition to the bike, I do 2 yoga classes
a week. No body pump cause I have an old lower back injury and the class aggravates it and the
PT said "no more of that class). So, I do the body flex for upper body strength.

Hope that answers your questions but if not, just post and I will be better about reading!