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long term diability insurance

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hi, i'm new. I am very nervous about insurance...
let me explain. The agent i have says she has no plan of cutting me. But i have been paid for the past thre yrs and last oct was the month that they had to either declare me totally disabled for any job, or contest. I have not recieved anything to make it definative. I can't live in limbo, waiting for the day that they will cut me (as so many people have told me). I would like to know if someone is in the same situation in order to exchange ideas. I'm from Montreal Canada.


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Since you put this message on the Health and Disabiilty Benefits Boards, I will reply on the Disability Benefits Board tomorrow. I have done errands today and I'm just so tired right now that I have to quit for tonight.


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---I am not an attorney, a representative (a person that represents Social Security Disability claimants in the U.S. but cannot represent them in a U.S. Court, but they do get paid), nor am I an advocate (a person who represents a Social Security Disability claimant in the U.S. but cannot represent them in a U.S. Court until they are an attorney, and they do not get paid as they are a volunteer). I am a person that has gone through the SSD process.

---Most people that come to this board are looking for help for matters in the United States. I can give you information that pertains to the U.S. and it may give you tips toward some similar things in Canada.

---Look on the internet for support groups for long term disability in Canada.

---I am assuming that your long term disability (LTD) policy is by an insurance company and not government issued. If it is government issued then what I say below does not apply.

---I used to work for an insurance carrier in their legal department many years ago.

---The basic purpose of an insurance agent is to sell the insurance. They are usually in their own businesses away from the actual insurance company/companies. They can also sell insurance for several companies.

---An insurance claims adjuster works directly for the insurance company (does not work for the insurance agent) and evaluates, investigates, makes arrangements for outside investigation (surveillance, gathering records on you, etc.) and then decides if an insurance company should pay the claim. If he/she believes they should pay a claim, then the adjuster also provides a figure as to how much. Depending on the amount (and depending on the level of the adjuster and the amount they are have approval to pay) this may then go up to the next level in the insurance hierachy for approval of what the adjuster is recommending.

---Unless you have it in writing, I would be hard pressed to believe that any insurance agent could truthfully state that they wouldn't cut you off. Usually this is decided not by them, but by the insurance company and their adjusters.

---In any country, it is important to review the LTD policy you received as part of getting the LTD coverage to review the rules and requirements. Those rules go both ways and place requirements not only on the insurance carrier, but also on you. You may have some requirements that you are supposed to be doing at this time and you may not know it unless you have carefully read that policy.

---Do not trust any insurance company during a time when they are reviewing or deciding your LTD coverage. As I believe they are considering renewing your LTD policy, you are vulnerable. This is a time when you follow the LTD policy requirements, provide anything that policy says you must during this time, and you can't just sit back and let them do everything for you. If the policy requires you to do something now and you don't do it, it could be a reason to deny you renewal of the LTD coverage (they could say you failed to cooperate in providing XXX).

---This is your health and coverage for you and consider it EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Get in there and read the policy RIGHT NOW and write notes. IF you don't have the policy, GET ON THE INTERNET TO THE CANADIAN SUPPORT GROUPS THAT DEAL WITH LTD and ask for help.

---Also, you'll know the name of the insurance company that carries the LTD policy. Go on the internet and search their name to see what you find. For instance if you find they use certain tactics, then you could take steps to protect yourself from those tactics and come out looking great. Also, you may find the worst parts of their policy online and discussed by other claimants. So get online and start searching too.

Also, if this is such an important decision of whether you continue to receive long term disability, wouldn't you want to gather your medical records/labs/documentation from your doctors or other treatment facilities to provide your own proof that you remain disabled long term and unable to work. It would make me feel very uncomfortable to expect the insurance company to prove me to be continuously disabled and gather all the records and do this job properly for me.

I wish you the very best and I truly hope things work out.

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