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Looking for good FM doc in the Mississippi area

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hello to all fibro friends, please help if u r in my area of Jackson MS. I need a good doctor who is willing to help with this PAIN! and not tell me to take advil or aleve. Willing to travel a state over if need be, the closer the better!!


Hi inkedobi,

Welcome to the ProHealth forums!

Sorry to hear you are in pain.

I would recommend finding an Integrative medicine Dr or a Functional medicine practitioner who can help you find the root causes of all your symptoms, unlike conventional medicine. They will then work with you to help you reverse them.

Often the root causes are a combo of hidden infections (Lyme or other tick-borne diseases, other infections), leaky gut, food sensitivities, toxins, heavy metals, thyroid problems, adrenal problems and more.

They usually don't take insurance because they use different kinds of testing than conventional medicine does and they don't just prescribe meds to cover up symptoms.

Here is a good article explaining:


I wish you all the best in regaining your health.