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Made it thru surgery

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I had shoulder surgery last Fri morning and have lived to tell about it. I promised some of my friends here I'd check in when I was feeling better.

I had it kind of rough Fri and Sat. The anesthesia had some nasty side effects for about 36 hrs, I was not a happy camper. I talked to all the docs and told them of my FM/CFS ahead of time, they were all sooo nice.

My shoulder is quite sore, but not too bad if I don't move it! Dr. wants me to start moving it now tho, so now the pain begins, boo:(

Dr shaved bone away in a couple of different places by arthroscope to open up the joint space more for my rotator cuff. My rotator cuff was frayed a bit, but not enough to have to stitch it back together. Glad the first couple of days are over.

I am feeling very guilty and am tired of asking dh for help, I just am feeling kind of overall yucky. I know I needed it done, but there have been many moments where I wish I hadn't had the surgery. Oh well, that's one of my psycho problems, GUILT, no matter what it's for.

So here I am in bed with my ice pack and one of my kitties, she hasn't hardly left my side. I'm bored and would love to hear from you guys.

I took a short cut and copy/pasted this on 3 boards here since there are different people who have been supporting me thru this. Thanks.

xxxooo Hermit


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Wow, hermitlady... you are having a bad month! You are where I was a year ago, stuck in bed with a broken ankle, with nothing but a sweet kitten to keep me entertained. And he stuck by my side the whole time. This month, he's been the sick one, and I am the one sticking by his side.

I guess I missed the news before, as I didn't know you were having surgery. What was it? Rotator cuff surgery?

Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. I was like you - feeling guilty that hubby had to take care of me for a while and do my housework. And like you, not sure why. Then a few months later he broke his hip and I got my turn as caregiver. So enjoy the help while you have it.

Hope you feel much better, real soon!


Thx for your replies, good to hear from you guys.

4ever...The surgery I had was to fix joint impingement on my rotator cuff and to shave off and smooth out some rough edges in a couple of different areas of bone...I've had bursitis and tendonitis in my shoulder from it. I also had the same surgery 18 yrs ago on my other shoulder. I guess I just have defective shoulder joints.

This time around it was worse before and after the surgery. I guess since I'm 18 yrs older now with FM/CFS that I might not spring back as fast. Oh well, I was in a lot of constant pain w it for the last yr or so, I had to get it fixed. got a big smile from me when I read about my sunshine box. What a great idea to cheer someone up...even if it's just imaginary and over the internet. I guess you read my profile, huh? I looked at yours too, love your Granddog....Sheba is a great name, my sister had an Abyssinian cat with the same name. Sorry to hear you've been so sick...we all have some pretty good stories to tell, don't we???

goodnight friends, see you tomorrow. H



Prayers are going up for a speedy recovery and an end to the pain. I'm glad it's over for you, except for the rehab. Moving is miserable at first but it gets easier and easier each day. Take good care of yourself. Don't feel guilty about asking for help. Men love to be helpful. Make him feel like a hero for helping. Then, lounge with kitty like the goddess you were meant to be.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Hermit,

So glad that is over for you. Hope it will at least take away some of the pain. Don't feel guilty for having to ask DH for any help. There is nothing wrong with that, sweetie,

Try and not to overdue anything now while yu are healing.




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I am sorry you are having a rough time and like the others said, don't feel bad about the DH having to help, we have to lean on each other. You can't do everything, so take care of yourself and let Dh help you recover. It sounds very painful and I hope the surgery is a success. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to you- Carla