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massage chair

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Ok I found the king of massage chairs. On Ebay for 1469.00 with tax and shipping included. it s ashiatsu massage recliner with heat therapy. There were 2 left. I saw these chairs at Brookstone for 5000.00 they have like 77 air massagers....I decided to get this instead od an intellibed... wanted to share maybe someone can get one


I also bought lately comfortbale chair for myself. I decided to choose zero gravity one (line removed by moderator) which useful because I can put it everywhere for example. near pool and relax after work days.
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Really it's good but I think in 2020 king of the best massage chairs under $2000 (link removed by moderator) and he upgraded RELAXONCHAIR offers an increasingly restrained range of features. Yet in addition, it gives an excellent calf massage and distance.
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