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Megaminerals, Trace minerals and Rare Earth Elements - SO MUCH BETTER!!

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In addition to a very simple multivitamin - Centrum - i have added a multimineral complex - i simply use cheap Holland and Barrat but Nature Plus is really good also - they are both chelated which means they are easier to absorb. I also use a good ammount of Himalayan Pink salt which has rare earth elements - but you can also buy rare earth elements separately which i might do soon. But i think the salt in itself may help too. i simply mix some with a lemon drink to make a sort of Gatorade tasting stuff.

The results are nothing short of a miracle. I have had ME for four years diagnosed. I got mine after dancing 4 hours a day for a year. I was so happy then - crash. Pain all over my nerves this fatigue that never ended, sleeping twelve hours a day then waking up worse than before i slept.

i have tried everything - all that i could afford. must have easlly spent 20.000 pounds on supplements, herbs, mega mega doses of vitamins, magnesium, guiafenesin, vitamin bs of every sort and type, Q 10 acupuncture, antioxidants, Micheal Maes protocols, probiotics - each one more expensive than the one before!!! I did hours upon hours of research to no avail. every time getting so excited about something new - then it doesn't work. Booooo horrible. i had tried minerals but usually just a one or two at a time - which seemed to make no difference. So many hours of research I lost two beautiful boyfriends cos they could not accept my obsession with trying to cure myself. I simply would not believe that there was no way out. I had to find a way out of the hell and somehow I knew that there was a biological cause to it - not only a psycho-spiritual one. Although this is part of the picture.

Now I have been on this regimen i described above for 2 months and the results were slow but impressive. I wake up in the morning and feel alert. i can sit and meditate without needing to lie down or feeling that i did not have the strength to keep myself upright!!

I have now been reading about widespread mineral deficiencies in industrialised countries due to mineral soil depletion and artificial fertilisers. The state of our soil is sooo sooo poor. As us greedy humans do we use our soil to the maximum and do not put back the stuff we have taken out. We use artificial fertilisers to increase crop yields but they only contain 3 minerals - nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus - which is what plants need to grow big (but not necessarily healthy). The problem is that humans need many many more minerals than that. Even though some of the minerals are only needed in minute quantities they are essential for health. Organic farming is somewhat better - in that they use natural fertilisers - however they still try to get maximum yield from their land which still means soils end up depleted.

Why do some of us get more sick than others because of this? Why have I - who eats in a more healthy fashion - got more sick than my pizza eating friends? Who knows! Its very hard to understand these things. possibly i absorb minerals a little less or a have a susceptibility to fatigue whereas my friends have a susceptibility to other things.

Well has anyone else had a positive effect to taking minerals????


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Years ago, I had two immediate very noticeable improvements when I started taking a high dose of magnesium at bedtime (1,000 mg.). And they have lasted to this day.

I slept well for the first time in years without my usual noticeable apnea episodes, and awoke alert - instead of laying there for hours in a heavy stupor after same amount of sleep.

I still have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome brain fog 24/7, but not that severe kind when waking up.

That symptom upon awakening has never come back, even though I now only take the high dose magnesium occasionally as needed - for depression, or to calm my bipolar mania down. I also take over-the-counter mineral lithium orotate as needed for manias.

High dose magnesium can make some people's blood pressure go dangerously too low though. I had my husband try a 500 mg. dose of magnesium one night for his leg cramps, and he woke up in morning with his blood pressure deathly low and I gave him salt and called the ambulance paramedics to come. So no high dose magnesium for him ever again.

I take high dose garlic capsules for the mineral sulfur they contain. The sulfur helps my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pain tremendously. It helps my flu-like aching muscles and joints. Thereby also improving my malaise and brain fog that are from inflammation pain.

Potassium has given me more stamina, strengthened me when I was low on potassium.

I figure it's genetics that makes some people high-energy and able to withstand modern unhealthy food and all the other pollutions, and some people low-energy and sensitive to all the pollutions. Just guessing.

I take kelp capsules for iodine for low thyroid symptoms. Kelp stops my hair from falling out too much, and gives me a bit more stamina, and I don't get too cold anymore.

I'm still bedridden, but resting much more comfortably now (not that being bedridden is comfortable in any way, shape or form that is).

And my search continues.

I have found some other supplements in recent months that are improving my stamina, even though still bedridden. Such as, I can now stand in the shower again for quick shower, instead of a bath which I had to switch to years ago.

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SarahDouble - Thanks for sharing this. And Jam and Patti also.

I just researched a lot, and found out that my sea-salt could be filled with many pollutants. I ended up ordering Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt after seeing how many crucial minerals it contains, and how pure, without very harmful additives also.

Appreciate it, you guys.


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Patti, I was taking 500 mg twice per day of magnesium but had to stop. It worked great for my sleep - no more laying awake for hours or taking an hour to fall back asleep again when I would wake up, however, the next day I was so drowsy that I couldn't function. And the longer I was on the magnesium, the worse the daytime drowsiness became. :(


I am a new woman! Three months ago I started using a cellular cleanse product (not colon!) and natural, non-gmo nutrient packed meal replacement shakes twice a day and taking a joint supplement that contains MSM (magic!). Within a week my pain and stiffness were gone! My hands looked like deflated balloons because the skin was loose. I didn't lose any weight at first which was frustrating because EVERYONE else was dropping inches but I feel amazing so I kept going and the last couple of weeks I have started dropping 3-5 pounds a week. I am so excited about the future now and I have a ton of energy. I think my three year old is having trouble keeping up with me now :)