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Merc detox rounds 8, 9, et al.

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I decided this only needs one thread will just continue with this one.

I finished round 8 last week and barely felt it taking 37.5 mg. dmsa and 25 mg. ala.

I finished round 9 last night, taking 37.5 mg. dmsa and increased the ala to 37.5 mg., and this I felt more - made me more tired, slept harder. But overall not too bad, not like when I first started this.

So I'm going to do one more round next week before Thanksgiving and then take a week or 2 off. STill can't tell if it's making any overall improvement in my health, but it's not hurting me, and muscle testing by my chiro and myself indicate it's good for me. I'm keeping a log of the date, time and dose when I take the stuff and it's getting rather impressive, if nothing else :)