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Mercury detox, here I come

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Well, it's been just about a year since I last tried detoxing for mercury using Andrew Cutler's protocol. The protocol got interrupted by a sewage backup and repairs and one thing after another and I never felt well enough to voluntarily subject myself to detoxing, and then Christmas etc., and then a chronic sinus infection.

The sinus infection is pretty much resolved now that I have been taking Moducare for some 5 to 6 weeks, will keep it up and finally feel well enough to jump back in. I've been dreading it but it is the only thing left that I know of to try for PEM.

Actually, I finished one round using 12.5 mg. of dmsa and it went easier than a year ago. I think the acetyl-glutathione I was taking plus the sublingual glutathione (Chem Defense by Soure Naturals) which I am now taking have helped. Something has helped. So I started the second round today using 25 mg. of dmsa every 4 hours. If this goes okay, I'll do one more round at this dose and then add in the alpha lipoic acid.

I know all this will be Greek to most of you and it's a lot to explain. For more info, get Cutler's book called Amalgam ILlness. Also, yahoo has a very good group with lots of info:

And some more links are:

It's a lot to absorb but the links are very helpful. Anyways, I hope to be able to keep it up through summer (what I did on my summer vacation ..... right ...)

I have heard of two people who resolved their PEM after doing a mercury detox. So we'll see - wish me luck -

Hi Mary,

I was wondering how things are going for you. Re: DMSA, I recently heard of DMSA suppositories, which as I remember, are gentler and easier to tolerate. Was wondering if you're aware of them, or have considered using them on your mercury detox program. --- I hope things are going well for you with this all. Good luck!



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Hi Wayne - well, it was actually going quite easy, much to my surprise. I attempted it last year and it was unpleasant though not too too bad, but then got interrupted by life, etc. (sewage flooding in my house and so on)

Anyways, for some reason, my body is either detoxing much better than it used to or I have a much lighter toxic load. I hardly felt the dmsa! It was amazing. So I was going to do 3 or 4 rounds of the dmsa, and then add in the alpha lipoic acid.

Unfortunately, almost from the beginning, insomnia started becoming a huge problem. I've always wrestled with it a little but it was getting very bad so was hard to schedule dosing and I decided I had to get my sleep under control before adding the ALA (which is supposed to be taken every 3 hours). I had managed to do about 3 rounds of the dmsa.

Not knowing quite what to do, I cut out the melatonin and 5-htp which I've been taking for several years and started taking diatomaceous earth. It's supposed to help with detoxing and I also read with calcium absorption. The last time I tried taking DE, I couldn't tolerate it - had too strong of a detox reaction. This time, it's totally different - I'm tolerating it just fine. And, I seem to be sleeping better! My doctor had wanted me to try trazodone, but I'd rather not. So I've had halfway decent sleep the last two nights (with the aid of Benadryl and lorazepam, which I'd rather not take but sleep is more important, also l-theanine.

Also, my doctor upped my thyroid 50% and that might be a contributing factor to the insomnia, although I don't feel jittery or any other symptoms of excess thyroid.

So I'm going to keep up the DE, supposed to be very good for you anyways, and if my sleep seems to be getting back into a manageable pattern, I will restart the dmsa with the ala, hopefully next week.

Again, all I can figure for why the detox is so easy this time is that the acetyl-l-glutathione helped and also the sublingual glutathione (Chem Defense). I tried taking Chem Defense a couple of years ago and couldn't tolerate it, had a strong detox reaction, and now I tolerate it just fine. Something really is working better in my body. But I still crash, unfortunately, hence, the detox.

Thanks for your suggestion and concern! I'd been meaning to post an update. Cross your fingers for me -