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Mikie your opinion too please

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Spacee and I have been have a conversation, and I would like your opinion also

I just finally managed to talk my doc into letting my try Valtrex, due to the study they are doing at Stanford University.

I also have TF 100 at home which I haven't started yet. I have read not to take them together. How about alternating monthly between the two.

I have been sick since 1993 after a flu with walking pneumonia. And am I guess what you would call a classic case of CFS.

Stanford believes that even tho everyone has EBV the levels in a 45 year old should not be the same as the levels in a teen and that it does make a diff, even if it shows only an inactive old infections.

My levels to CMV and EBV were both very high (in the thousands)and have stayed that way for years.

Anyway, what is your opinion. I know you have been thru it all



I just checked on the other board. It is Valcyte that the Stanford study was based on...not Valtrex. Valcyte is a newer AV.



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My doc prscribed the Valtrex because it is safer and has less side effects, until we see what the out come of the study is. The other AV is very toxic and he and I both want to wait on that one.

But I have heard some good stuff here about the valtrex anyway.



I am so very sorry that I didn't see this until now. I have been online very little and haven't been to this board in a while. Usually, this board move so slowly. Anyway...

I used to believe that taking the AV's with the TF's would destroy the transfer info and make the TF's inactive. Others have said their docs tell them this doesn't happen. You might ask your doc about it.

I took Famvir for 1 1/2 years, pulsing it near the end, before switching to the TF's. I believe the Famvir did help get the viral load down but if one has HHV-6, the AV's aren't very effective against it. The TF's seem to do a better job. The TF's packed a tremendous punch for me and I couldn't even tolerate a full capsule for a month. The immune response and Herxing were severe. For some to react like that after being on Famvir for 1 1/2 years tells me that the TF's are far more effective.

I'd ask the doc about taking them together. I do know that pulsing anything works better than taking it on an ongoing basis in the long run. It helps keep the wily little beasties off their toes. Pathogens which keep us chronically sick are very tricky and adaptive. That's how they infect us and keep us sick while operating below the radar of our own immune systems.

Good luck.

Love, Mikie