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Mom w/dementia keeps yanking off her diapers. Help!

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Mom is in the later stage of dementia and won't keep her diaper(s) on at night. We've tried putting on two diapers, the second one backwards. No luck. I thought maybe duct-taping around the waist with the ends in the back so she couldn't rip them off. Haven't tried that yet, but maybe that'll work. Or is there some type of clothing made for dementia patients that can cover the diapers enclosing them somehow to keep them on. This happens quite often and we use lots of underpads on the bed to keep the mattress from being ruined because she pees a lot overnight. Any suggestions out there? Maybe "MOM" has a few solutions because she worked in an Alzheimer's unit? Thanks for your help.


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I had the same problem when i was taking care of my mother-in-law. I don't have a solution. My MIL would take her depends off and hide them in the closet. That was a mess. The only thing i could do is use plastic encasing on the mattress and do a lot of laundry. I am now caring for my aunt and I have already put plastic encasing on her bed. She is not in depends as of yet but it won't be long. Sorry i was not more help. Praying for you.


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I also posted this question on the Alzheimer's page on this site and I got these replies today. Maybe they can help you too when the time comes for your aunt. Thanks for the prayers. They really do help! Here are the replies:

<< Hello Paintergal 03/01/03 11:03 PM
Welcome to our board. Have you tried putting on draw string pants on your mom backwards and tie it or pin it to her clothes in the back where she can't reach, or maybe have her wear backwards a one piece old fashion warm undergarments that are like a jumpsuit (tshirt and long johns together), I can't think what they are called right now, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here.

There is a web site that have clothing for AD patients and what I'm trying to describe above.

Good luck and please let us know if it works.


Too simple? 03/02/03 01:25 PM
This is probably too simple but do you give her an Extra Strength Tylenol at night? They did this in the nursing home where my mom was and we've continued it at home. It helps her sleep it seems. Relaxes her? I don't know what it does besides pain relief, but my mom sleeps well all night. I suppose this is too easy, but I thought I'd offer the idea.

The drawstring pants that fasten in back sound good, too.

Good luck.

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I used to work in a few different nursing homes and this is what we tried.
1. Fold a sheet in half longwise and tuck in the sides of the bed (under mattress)right under Moms armpits (recommended only if skin in good condition and being checked during the night)
2. Use the netted briefs that typically hold pads in place and place over top of the brief she is wearing.
3. If all else fails buy Mom a pair of bike shorts one size or two, too big and put them over the briefs.
If the last didn't work we typically had to resort to hand pillows that stopped the person from being able to grab anything but the mitts she was wearing.
Hope this helps,


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instead of going through all those other hassle, why not just get the full mattress cover plastic covering. you're still going to have to change bedding but your mattress is safe till you come up with a solution for diapers or just let her be comfortable.
I ordered a waterproof fleece mattress pad for my parents bed. They like it because it doensn't make the crinkle noise and isn't as hot as plastic. I bought it from Domestications, but I imagine other places carry it.

Good luck. It's sure no fun.



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hello i am an cna and with are patients when they are incontident wet other words you can not do nothing about at night from keeping them on.we take like 5 pads and put them under them and if we hafe to we change the bed....oand sometimes during the day when they will not wear a diaper put a big pad in there underwear.good luck.......susieh


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Hi, My sis and I are taking care of our mom with alz. We started letting her wear her old sweats and old slacks to bed. That helped 2 ways. It helped keep her depends on and also helped to keep her from picking sores on her legs. Hope this helps you. who-am-i-today


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Those longjohns that Paintergal described are called; 'Union Suit' .

They are sold at Penny's, in the catalog, page 399, the Fall & Winter edition 2003.

They have a button front, and a flap in back.

You could also try the L.L. Bean catalog, or Landsend too. They have all kinds of underware like this. I just threw out all my catalogs, but I am sure they both have websites.

I sure will keep you in my prayers Tina.

Shalom, Shirl


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Hello! You may want to try a pair of pants with elastic and belt loops arounf the waist. Put a belt through the loops so that it will fasten in the back. She won't be able to get them off! Also, you may also want to try a pair of bib overalls. I wish you lots of luck! Weve been there done that with my fiance's mother with alzheimers. Best of luck!


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My husband and I went through the same thing and before you knew it, she was over that stage and into a less competent stage. I know it's frustrating but things will change soon enough. By the way, the inserts in the undies was what we ended up using. They now make pull ups for the adults and we put a regular baby diaper in as an insert so we don't have to change the pull ups every time she wets.God bless and hang in there.