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Movies With One-Word Titles

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Here's one that we did a very long time ago.

1. Lassie

2. Harvey

3. Alien

4. Jaws

5. Moonstruck


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A long time ago when we were young, right GB?

6 Reds,
7 Heat
8 Tammy

9 Jezebel
10 Flubber
11 Camelot

12 Benji
13 Tombstone
14 10 (Ten with Julie Andrews and her husband Blake Edwards.)



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Well, a couple of years younger anyway. :)

15. Rocky

16. Bambi

17. Sayonara

18. Airplane

19. Airport

20. Oliver


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21 Butter
22 Potatoes
23 Vanilla

Oh, wait. That's my shopping list.

21 Cleopatra (Been two of these. One with Liz and one with Claudette Colbert.)
22 Pinocchio.

23 Bullitt
24 Rope

25 Tombstone
26 Becket

27 Flipper
28 Cinderella



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Hi Kiddo

A very nice list. I also have 4 of them on my list to post. And I previously posted Benji. So
great minds, etc. Or maybe we were the same person in some prior existence. Who Knows?
Well, there are people who claim they know. My younger brother loves fortune tellers and
astrologers and smoke readers who will tell him all sorts of weird stuff. Well, not for free, of course.

Just watched a new true crime show. One of the adult daughters reportedly had poor social
skills. Well, I guess so! She and her boyfriend fatally shot several members of her family. And
on Christmas Eve. The new program is titled Homicide for the Holidays. Yikes.

Not much posting on the Chit Chat Board lately. But Mikie's back from her trip to Colorado.
She'll perk things up.

Hope you and your family are doing OK.



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Rock, Hope you and yours had a good holiday. That's an interesting title for a tv show. Yikes.

I had mentioned to you in another post that my grandson's wife's parents both ended up in the hospital in the last couple of days and sadly her dad died today. Her mom had come home yesterday, she had a heart attack and he had fallen and couldn't stop bleeding. He had congestive heart failure for a while and was on blood thinners.

He went home from the hospital this morning and soon after, had a massive stroke. He passed away when they got him back to the hospital. I think he was in his 60's. So sad, especially at the holidays. GB


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I was reading about diabetes a week or two ago. According to the article most diabetics die from
heart attack or a stroke. The problem with a stroke is it might leave one paralysed. I'd
rather be dead.

I remember when I was middle aged, and my Dad was in his 70s. We got a letter that said
so and so had died at age 65. My Dad said, "65. He was still young." I thought he was
crazy. Now that I'm a dozen years older than 65, it does seem kinda young.

Somebody said on a site discussing books about pets, "I quite reading them. The dog
always dies at the end." Well, you can say that about all lives.

Just some random thoughts.



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34 Sabrina I see this one has been remade. Lot ah that goin' around.
35 Amadeus

36 Chicago
37 Wilson, About President Wilson

38 Paton
39 Dragnet

40 Flicka
41 Gigi



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47 Titanic
48 Arthur

49 Sally (All Talking, All color)
50 Whoopee, (Eddie Canntor)

Some from Gordon

51 Godzilla
52 Mothra

53 Them
54 Deliverance



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55 Platoon
56 Dumbo
57 Emergency
58 E.R. (do abbreviations count as a single word?)
59 CHiPs
61 Tootsie
62 Rainman


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Hi Duckie

Nice list. Only yesterday Gordon suggested Tootsie. He also thunk of a bunch we
already have and:



Tron (I took my son to this one back in the 80s. Much of this Disney film is set inside
a computer.)

Tremors: There were at lest 3 sequels. Starred Kevin Bacon. I wonder if a critic ever called
him a ham.

Yes. E.R. is fine. We have very relaxed rules around these parts because the game is for
fun. For example Gordon thought of Tora! Tora! Tora! which is fine with me. Well, it is
one word.