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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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Do we have a forum for chemical sensitivities on ProHealth? I'd like to get some ideas on products that are safe to use as indoor insecticides. Some DIY ideas would be good too. My MCS is getting worse and I need to find safe alternatives for household products.


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Raid ant traps work like magic.

For roaches, sprinkle a thin line of boric acid powder along the edges of counters, cupboards, walls, under stove and fridge, wherever they're at, usually kitchen.

Here's a link about how-to boric acid for roaches. (Not safe around children or pets, though).

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I was reading about Borax but still am not sure if it's safe for someone with chemical sensitivity. I know it's not toxic to humans but a lot of non-toxin products still make me very ill. Especially if they trigger asthma. Have you ever used this? I'd like to try it but am still a little afraid to. Right now, we are using a mixture of sugar and baking soda. It's supposed to kill them (eventually). We located the place that we think they came in, a space around the electrical wires under a kitchen cabinet. We taped it last night. I hope it's going to do the trick!