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My cure

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Hi everybody, I was able to basically cure my chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia EXCEPT that my triggers are genetically modified corn, soy and sugar (even oils and alcohols) and also inorganic almonds so I have to be really careful to avoid all of these or the disease will try to come back. It's probably glyphosate residue that makes these foods a problem for me. If I accidentally eat one of these I take Tulsi pills for a couple days (Tulsi is a very strong natural anti-inflammatory/anti-histamine).

Anyway my chronic fatigue/ fibromyalgia cure was a homeopathic version of Barberry which increases vasodilation much the way histamine does in your body. I saw a classical homeopath who determined dosage etc. and then I took it as needed until I didn't need it anymore. When I came out of the disease I found that my hormones were all wacky which also left me feeling tired and depressed sometimes. However, as long as I eat coconut oil with my breakfast I'm fine. The daily coconut oil also helps me avoid problems with candida. Pretty much all I take on a daily basis right now are a multi-vitamin, probiotics and coconut oil.

I was sick for over 20 years. I first got sick as a teenager after lyme disease treated with tetracycline.


It's wonderful that you have found a new balance and strength after many years of suffering. That's great news! However, many of us have tried all kinds of dietary modifications, herbs, supplements etc without success. Here's a post from the ME/CFS site Phoenix Rising in which a person talks about trying Tulsi and how it triggered such a severe relapse that she was hospitalized.