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Hello fellow fibro sufferers..........
I would like to tell my story.............In year 2000
I had been having EXCRUCIATING pain that worked its way ALL OVER my body.....(i previously fell in a parking lot and caught myself real hard with my arms before my face landed on the concrete!).....anyway.....about 1 or 2
months later, pain started creeping in....as i said...ALL
OVER me!!!!! I searched everywhere and saw every kind of doctor imaginable. I also tried all alternatives....it cost me about 10,000.00 out of pocket because insurance doesnt cover natural dr.s. At least mine didn't.....
Anyway, NOTHING i did worked....NOTHING.....
I am a mom of 3 boys, however, death was looking better......I own EVERY book that has EVER been written about the subject....and i tried EVERYTHING in them!
Then one day I pulled them out and reread them and came across something i had not tried. It's a form of
chiropractic procedure but you feel absolutely nothing.
It's not the chiro you think of. I tried traditional chiro and tho the massage felt great, i still was left tired and in pain. Sooooooo, because i DID try everything, and was almost broke, I thought I would at least try this one last thing. Let me tell you, it is by the Grace and Mercy of God that i found this procedure for me because i truly was at deaths door. I can honestly say I am almost pain free!! On rainy days I do ache a little, but, who doesn't!! I can live again and am soooo happy now. I
am probably 80 to 85% pain free. It is soooooo good.
All I know is, i only go about once or twice a month
and i'm good to go. Others can go longer but as for me, i will always continue to go because it gives me my life.
There is soooooo much more i can tell you but i'm sure you all are bored by now. Read about it online.
Look up the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Assoc. or find a story online about a remarkible story of this other womans fibro plight. Her name is Louella
Harris.........It was her story in a fibro book that got me searching out a dr. for myself. (My dr. also once suffered from CFS. and this procedure changed her life so drastiacally that she went from being an elementary school teacher to dedicating her life in this particular chiro field! She now feels better than she ever felt!!!
The storys are endless....and guess what?? After an initial exray and consultation...which is abt. 300.00, it
only costs me 40.00 to 50.00 a month!! Thats it!!
I am indebted to her for giving me back my life.
It is my hope, that you all, search out this kind of procedure. YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE IN YOUR PAIN!!!
I am soooooo tired of drug companies and general
doctors drugging me to death!! This does work for me.
I hope it will work for you too!! @~)~)~~~



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Hi Maxie1,

Am so glad you've found something that really helps you. I plan to do research on NUCCA as you suggested.

Where do you live? I checked your profile but it's not filled out.



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that practices this in my town which has only 25000 people!

I too am kind of scared of chiropractors. I am especially scared about having my neck manipulated. Have read a lot of horror stories about manipulations gone bad, especially in the neck area.

Is this a mild adjustment? I would be scared of a snapping of the neck. Sally


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Hi Dee.....
THIS DOES NOT HURT WHATSOEVER!! I live in Illinois (st. charles area)....about an hour from ohare airport...There aren't very many of these particular chiros around, but i just know God led me to her because she is right in my town!! She has people comin to her from Wisc. and Indiana. She herself once suffered from CFS and now became this kind of chiro.
She herself STILL gets adjusted every other month because as we all know, pain is not a way to live. Thats
why i will go forever or until theres a cure!!!! If you ever want to talk about it....will they allow me to give my number online?? Or maybe you can email me and i'll email you my number. I also have info i can mail to you, if you'd like. Its the whole loella harris story....or on her website, you can probably get a number to call and she could mail you info.(FREE of course!) I'm telling everyone i can about this. It was such a miracle for me.
Good Luck!!................pam


I don't have Fibro. Just postviral exhaustion. I know where St. Charles is. My daughter works in town. What's the chiropractor's name again?



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Just to let you know that you can't post your email address or websites. You can say do a search for and give words that would lead to the site. They are very strict about that here and if you don't follow the rules you will be banned.

You have given enough info in your post though to be able to do a search on this. I will do some more research and maybe I will give it a try.

Haven't explored the chiro. route yet. Have done rolfing massage and at first it helped, but then it made my pain worse.

Thanks for posting. Sally


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CherylSue- Wanted to give you my input re the use of UCC for CFS, as opposed to FM symptoms.

Last year i was given a strong recommendation from the leader of a local CFS/FM support group as to the benefits of UCC for CFS/FM. I went to the chiro that was recommended and gave the technique a 4-visit initial try. As someone who has the fatigue and brain problems associated w/CFS and not the pain and muscle /joint problems of FM, i was also skeptical of what this technique could do.

To make a long story , short, i got zero improvement in my fatigue or brain problems, immediately after, nor at any point after the initial treatments. After the initial treatments, the doc told me that this was an ongoing process of healing my body, and his recommendation was for over 60 treatments of UCC over the next 3 months !!!!
Needless to say, i felt that # of treatments was exorbitant, considering i'd gotten no indication w/the initial treatments that this technique had any chance of helping in my case.

UCC may be helpful for the pain experienced by FM sufferers, that is what maxsy1 is speaking to in the post. Just don't allow a chiro to hook you into an endless # of appointments for this , with promises that it will reduce your fatigue and "brain fog". it just did not work at that level for me,,,,,,,and most likely does not for other "CFS" sufferers.



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My chiros name is Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter...
I hope to NOT get banned from here...I was only trying to help. I do know the pain and yes, fatigue ALSO goes hand in hand with fibro because we don't sleep...
maybe for others, this procedure won't work, i just wanted to let others know another alternative route instead of being drugged to death....My Dr. also had suffered with CFS....this is what worked for her......its why she has dedicated her life to this proffession. To help others such as herself or me for that matter.
I didn't intend on offending anyone and i surely didn't mean to break any rules...REALLY and TRULY just want to help others......thx for your time


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Here I am flying first class on a vacation to Hawaii. Dr. Lloyd has been bugging me to write my testimonial for Five Star, but when have I had time? I had 60 new patients schedule last month as a result of one promotion that Five Star taught me! Better yet, I’m having the time of my life in the practice that I have been dreaming of since before I started chiropractic school.

"I opened my practice 19 months ago straight out of school. I had a very specific vision of the way I wanted my practice to be. In fact so specific that other management companies discouraged me from joining them, if I wasn’t willing to change my vision… All because I wanted (and now have) a strictly upper cervical, 100% cash practice, and don’t do any therapies or sell anything.

"Five Star actually encourages and enables a doctor to fulfill their personal vision. They provide the solid, excellent procedures that build the foundation of any practice. The doctor’s own personality and vision though, allow the practices to be what each doctor wants, not just a cookie cutter practice that other groups seem to create. (They may be profitable, but not my dream.)

"Five Star helped me to make a profit from the day I opened my doors! Within a couple of weeks of opening, I was seeing over 50 patient visits per week. My practice has unlimited growth potential, but I choose to work 2 half days and two full days per week. Now, my production is about $20,000 per month and my collections are at 99%. Again, more importantly I’m helping a lot of people and having a ton of fun! I can’t tell you how much I will miss my patients and my practice while I’m on vacation."

- Dr. Kyrie Klienfelter, St. Charles, IL

Don't you just love the internet! Sally[This Message was Edited on 08/26/2004]


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Just read the Dr.s info. Reguardless how much money she does or doesn't make....(as any dr. does)...her
procedure IS what worked for me and soooo many others. For 50.00 dollars a month, I will always continue going...I love having my life back... I was only
passing on my own testimony, not by her request but
by my own admission. Just wanted to share with others. I hope you find what works for you...pam


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You really have to be on here for awhile to understand how many posters come on here and tout a procedure or supplement that has helped/cured him/her.

They usually don't post anything else but that one thing and don't participate or ask questions and then offer to give their email address out and send people "information" on the procedure/supplement that changed their life.

Believe me we have seen it all! From what I read on the website that I copied this from, it seems that part of this program to help chiro's get patients is referal programs. I have to wonder if this is why you posted.

People with FMS and CSF are desparate to find that ONE cure to alleviate their pain and suffering and are ripe to be preyed on by unscrupulous people.

If you are sincere and would really like to participate in this board, then I welcome you. We have a lot of wonderful people here who help other people out by posting what has worked for them.

Sincerely, Sally


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Don't know what upper cervical chiroprator means. Do they only work on the upper part of your body. All my problems are in the lower part of my body. I just happen to live in Wisconsin maybe about 2 hours from the doctor you're recommending so I think it might be worth the trip if she does your whole body. suemp


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if you do a search, you will find some other opinions as well. Two years ago this issue came up here and on another group that I belong to and we argued the merits with MDs and other chiros, nurses, and just really informed and brilliant minds like ourselves (all of us, even though we are foggy at times!). But I was in so much pain, and so desperate, and kind of a newbie that I sent away for tons of information.

After watching, and waiting, and listening, and reading, and researching, and seeking out the counsel of many holistic and progressive practitioners I decided that this fell under the category of "potential scam." I am not declaring that it is so, because I do not know. But I am not yet convinced that it is not, and have found other treatments that have more merit at much less financial and physical risk involved. We must be gentle with our bodies and very protective!

Soft hugs to all,


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Dear Sally....
Please understand that i truly was sincere in my post. I totally understand desperate people because i too was one of them. If you remember in my earlier post...i had spent over 10,000.00 out of pocket cash i didn't have, all because i was desperate!!
I actually left her office after my first adjustment thinking the same thing..what a scam....but i just kept going and going and now know that this is what works for me and i only wanted to share. I've also talked to MANY people in her office, that are patients and they too have had remarkable results! I dont understand it, be
cause the procedure is so minimal . You feel absolutely nothing, but then again the upper cervical in our necks only weigh 2 oz.....Im not saying it would work for everyone, i dont know. I just know that it was my miracle. At least until they do find a cure. I do enjoy coming here tho. I know exactly the feelings of all those who suffer. I dont come here often. Just wanted to share.........one day it is my prayer, we WILL find a cure.


I'm leery of any health practitioner who brags about how much money he or she is making.

Love, Mikie