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My severe orthostatic intolerance/dysautonomia that had me in a wheelchair and laid out flat in bed at home for years was vastly improved by my chiropractor yanking the heck on my head and neck. It got me out of my wheelchair and walking in stores and standing in line at the checkout with nary a thought of having to sit down or faint.

I'm still bedridden at home with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but can now do household chores in brief spurts such as laundry and taking the trash out, and can now shower comfortably without about fainting. Plus a few hours pushing hard to get shopping done once a week.

I totally believe that an impinged vagus nerve can wreak that kind of havoc. So very happy for Jennifer Brea.

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I am always happy for any treatment that helps us in any way and for anyone who is helped. My remark has nothing to do with the efficacy of the treatment. It was solely regarding any practitioner who is bragging about how much money he or she is making and that I find it distasteful and unprofessional. I still do but, if I thought such a provider might help me, I would likely seek treatment.

Love, Mikie
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