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need a dr in charlotte north carolina know one?

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Ive seen soo many but would like to see one who is a specialist in this tired of the pain clinics who just write a prescription that doesn't help my illness help!


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Check out - website for integrative medicine doctors. They are MDs who do more than hand out pain pills and drugs, and instead try to get at causes of illness, generally are very knowledgable about nutrition and supplements, etc., but can write prescriptions if necessary.

There's a "physician+link" under "Health Resources" near the top of the page, which has a search feature to find IM doctors in areas around the country.

Good luck!



Look up Dr Charlse Lapp. He's a specialist in FMS, ME/cfs. You can google him and his clinic will come up. You can also look him up on youtube and see him give any number of presentations as he is a main sought after speaker at many FMS/ ME/ CFS conferences. I have my first appointment coming up this month. People fly in from all over the country to see him so I'm hoping for the best.
I hope this helps. Blessings, Sally