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need advice, night sweats sooo bad...

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hi everyone,
ive been on antibiotics for a week now, i have walking pneumonia the doc said...
i have had these horrible night sweats, i wake up drenched..
please help..
why is this happening???
is it the antibiotics and i am herxing? i am also on prednisone.
i have FM, CFS,
and my CMV titers are thru the roof,
i was thinking its the antibiotics doing a herx,
i am scared,
its so severe.
and my mood is so down..
i just feel so much worse.
any advice please,


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...are the night sweats a new thing for you? Have you had a fever with this walking pneumonia? Has your doc done a complete blood count recently? Just wondering...I hope you start feeling better each day, and that the antibiotics do the trick for you. I know it's no fun to feel so awful!!

(((Gentle Hugs)))
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Since you are feeling so much worse I really think you should check with your doctor about this sweating. It does seem like something is going wrong. Maybe the doctor needs to change the antibiotics prescription. Best to give him/her a call. PLease let us know how you are doing. Hugs, doloresf1


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i have hot flashes non stop, and my temp is never regulated, due to this DD.
but these night sweats scare me.
i will call the doc tomorrow and tell him whats up.
i just wonder if the antibiotics are really causing a die-off of pathogens, since my immune system is so shot.
i just need some advice
i also have this gland in my neck that hurts to touch.
the doc knows all this,
im sure ill be OK once the meds are finished.
Please Do check with your doc, but for tonight, try adjusting your heat just a tiny bit down (if the heat is on where you live right now).

I get HORRID night sweats on occassion, then after a couple nights I think to check the thermostat to find my hubby has turned it up a couple degrees.

I wake up drenched, go put on a dry top and then I am SO cold I have to put a knit hat on and snuggle up to my husband so I can suck all the heat out of him...and it still takes about a half hour to warm back up.

The room does not feel too warm to me, but if I lower the temp by 2 degrees I don't get the night sweats.

At least worth trying until you talk to your doc.

I hope you feel better.



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My husband has done that before with the night sweats. His doctor said it night be his breathing. DH didn't think so but when they gave him med. Advar(sp?) disk it went away. Maybe with being sick it has caused more work on your lungs? Your doctor should help you out. Hope you feel better.


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i have been doing this med for 6 days, but i noticed my heart is palpating in my chest, so i am stopping this.
thats what i thought first, maybe it was my lungs working too hard.
i live in phx az, and i have the air conditioning on 78 and the windows open at night when its about 60 degrees with a fan on me...
my husband says my skin is either ice cold or really hot during the night.
its weird.
i hate it.


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I don't think my experience will help you, but it might help someone else in a similar situation to mine. I suffered with severe night sweats for years. No cause was found. Last year they discovered that I had total heart block. My heart rate was going down into the 20s at night. I got a pacemaker and the dreadful sweats were gone!

I hope you get better soon! Yours are probably due to being sick with pneumonia (fever?). I know how disruptive to your life night sweats can be. I sometimes had to sleep on towels, wrapped in a cotton terry housecoat jusu to avoid getting up constantly to change into a dry nightie and move to the sofa when ny bed was too damp. Ugh!

Now I'm off to a nice, dry sleep...


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Have you had a CBC (complete blood count) recently, or since you started having night sweats? Just wondering---and hope you are starting to feel better!



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the pneumonia itself is causing the night sweats...I believe...might be wrong...but believe it is one of the symptoms??


All you that are not getting better please get a blood test for lyme at a LLMD Lyme literate doctor
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