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Two weeks ago I went to my PCP and, of course, got re-routed to his LPN who seems to despise me because I do a LOT of research on my condition (I have portal hypertension, diabetes, fibromyalgia, fatty liver and VERY VERY low platelets). I was going to have a procedure for a fissure as an outpatient and needed platelets. He got really "urinary" and said that if the surgeon wanted them, he could get them himself! So when I went in for the surgery, I told the surgeon I HAD to have platelets. To make a long story short, the lab got "busy", they were never ordered, and an hour later I was in the ER with uncontrollable bleeding. And the hospital had NO O POS PLATELETS! So, I had to wait 4 HOURS for them to come from Anchorage. I had had nothing to eat or drink for 18 hours, and thought I was going to die of thirst! I was admitted to await the platelets, and was wearing my BRIGHT RED bracelet that says I am ALLERGIC to ALL OPIOID PAINKILLERS! So what does the nurse do? Shoots a FULL NEEDLE of DILAUDID into my IV! And stares in horror as my breathing becomes labored, my face swells, I have projectile vomiting and severe itching! She leaves the room - and never returns! By the grace of Goddess, I somehow survived. I guess it wasn't my time yet!

To put it bluntly, I AM THROUGH with every doctor, prescription medication, hospital and Western medicine in general. I am sick of trying to LIVE through their botches and mistakes!

My question is, should I seek a naturopath? Of course Alaska, having a heavy population of Native American tribes, has a ton of tribal doctors and alternative medicines. But what are the BEST ones? What therapies should I be considering? I need to practically rebuild my body from the ground up! I have already gone completely organic, eating only stevia as a sweetener and cut out processed food. No dairy, gluten, or "dead foods".

Is there a way to raise my platelet count? I heard of a supplement called "Blood Well" but it is very expensive and I am on SSDI, so I can't afford to experiment too much. I take Fibro Response, Women's One multi, Yeast Defense and Liv52. I am TRYING to control my pain levels, and my orthopedic doc says my bones and joints are okay for exercise, even though I WAS diagnosed with spinal stenosis at one time. Could I do yoga or a low impact workout? Should I get a trainer? I am SO confused at the moment!

Thanks for all advice!


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Hi Jaminhealth: I live in Brea, CA. U caught my eye when u replied that u have a doc in SoCal. Just wondering if its in Orange county area? I'm at my wit's end with typical docs & would love to find someone who could recommend a good Integ. doc to see.
After seeing all the problems my dear Mom went through without any relief with her many health issues (she passed a year ago @89), I just hope I can prevent myself from going down the same road.
I finally just got back on this site since I gifted myself a laptop for Xmas. It's so informative and makes me feel more connected to others who are determined to stay healthy as well.
I unfortunately went to a Derm. doc for my adult acne and she gave me Accutane, little did I know how dangerous it could be. After 3 mo. I got off of it but I've been struggling to reverse the effects it caused me I'm hoping.
I had a complete physical before seeing her and all my numbers were good. It put me into a second menopause (I hardly knew I had gone thru it the first time.)
So now I need to see a Doc who knows how to correct the mess I'm in.
Thank you for any info. you can send my way.
Peace and Health to you, Pam


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Hi Jaminhealth, Thanks so much re your response. How long did it take you to find the right Integ. doc? Did you have any referrals to base your search on? How long did it take before you knew it was the Armour that was working right? Sorry for so many questions but have no one else to ask to-date.
Geez,after reading I would defitinely sue the hospital...I can't believe and you are wearing a medical bracelet...and it made no difference to these indifferent idiots...

That's so scary...OMG!!!! I am diabetic also..and i have alot of dizzy/nauseous kind of days..It's horrible...I am going to endocrinologist to get diagnosed..coz I am taking Metformin and Cozair 25mg..and they making me damn sick..Every morning I wake up's an awful sugar is around 113 in the mornings..when I awaken before breakfast..and my Dr. told me I was diabetic..I personally think I am prediabetic...My problem is I am not eating properly and it's because I am not hungry,because of the dizziness...Someone reads please give me your advice..if your going through any of my symptoms
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I can understand how you are so fed up with doctors. I would've sued the hospital big time. Unfortunately, they can afford expensive attorneys when we usually can't. I couldn't believe my doctor's reaction today when I suggested getting a cortisol test done. I told her I had been doing a lot of reading and researching and have at least 10 symptoms. She looked at me and said," You don't look to me like you have any of the main signs by looking at you." I should've asked her what they were. She treated me rudely the rest of the visit and I didn't get any answers. I've had insomnia for over 30 years! I've had sleep studies done with no underlying cause of my poor sleep. I've seen sleep specialists who got paid $500 hr. to tell me info. I already knew about and things I already have tried. I'm so at the end of my rope that I am willing to pay out of pocket for these tests. What have I got to lose? If it comes back negative, at least I know I can count that out, right? One time I got 8 hrs. of sleep in 8 days! I had chronic stress that I had no control over for 6 years! While I was waiting to get a diagnosis for Fibromyalgia (but, I think I have CFS too because of the extreme fatigue and post exertional malaise)which took 3 yrs.! During this time I got behind on child support which I couldn't get reduced since I had NO diagnosis. Also, I lost 13 jobs in those 3 years. Since I got behind on child support payments, they took my driver's license away so had to ride my bike to the bus stop and put it on the bus to go to my jobs. Also, since they took out the same amount of child support even though some weeks I only worked 2 days left me with nothing to live on. After I got the diagnosis, I had to wait another 3 years to get approved for disability. I am a 58 yr. old woman and I'm sick of arrogant doctors that think they are God! Meanwhile, us patients still suffer!