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Neighbor Spraying Chemicals and Smoking Making Me Worse

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Anyone else in an apartment building with neighbors spraying chemical air fresheners and smoking away?

I had a neighbor under my apartment spray an air freshener today that burned my eyes, skin and throat and lungs all day. I had to go to the management office and beg them to make it stop. And they said they would call the tenant and tell them to stop it. This is someone who smokes and has just started to hide their smoking with sprays because smoking is being officially banned in the building as of June. Their smoke has been making me sick for a long time, too.

Why isn't there housing for MCS people, and CFIDS/ME people? We need special consideration. I can't be around air fresheners, second hand smoke, and people's perfumed laundry detergent. We should have some kind of clean air/chemical free housing. I'm getting worse with it, not better. It triggers asthma attacks in me and all kinds of symptoms.

I can't afford to move and I have no where to move to. And I've gotten nasty responses from healthy people when I've brought this up about the sprays and smoke. Like they say how dare I tell someone they can't spray an air freshener or smoke in their own home. Well how dare someone do something that gets into my body and makes me sick. They shouldn't be allowed to do anything that gets into our bodies or our homes.

It's no fun to have burning eyes, burning nasal passages, and burning skin all day. Or last week, when they sprayed a different one that almost sent me to the hospital twice from the asthma attacks. And when they aren't doing this, they have this smokefest days and nights where they will chainsmoke for hours on end, filling my entire apartment with it and making me really sick. At least that's getting banned this year.

I wish they would give us a place to live without this stuff. I want to be with others like me who understand. Not with people who think it's just fine to poison others.


You know I have to be honest and say that until I read this thread I had never really thought about patients who live in apartments having to deal with other people's chemicals. So thank you for enlightening me.

I have always lived in a single home, so my environment is controllable. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to constantly be exposed to chemicals and struggle with the repercussions of that.

In a world where seemingly everything has chemicals and fragrance added to it, and people liking those fragrances, you would just about have to buy a piece of land in a country area , put a trailer or house on it, and keep free of other people most of the time.

You already said you can't afford to move, so that isn't an option for you right now. As for housing for MCS, perhaps with the green movement, that may become a possibility in the future, but for now all I can say is my heart goes out to all those who suffer from MCS and get little empathy and lots of ridicule.

People seem to not believe in things unless it affects them or it has become accepted by the masses.




I have chemical sensitives, I smell odors most people never notice or if they do it's not as bad as how I

Have you tried charcol in a plain brown sandwich bag? It can absorb a vast amount of odors and hasn't any smell. I could not be in the same room with a bowl of vinegar, sorry. That oily fish smell would do me

Have you spoken to you neighbor, she/he is probably unware of how much Pine Sol they're using - even a little of that stuff it overpowing.

Sorry, I just do not see the need to start a war with a neighbor. I say speak with them first... just my opinion.

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If they are approachable then explain to them yout ill health but if they are like some of neighbors ive had ie once they know something bothers you they do it even more then all you can do is control your enviroment ie closing doors anf windows and look at the prices of air purifiers. The thing about neighbours is you've got to live with them day in day out so if you can find a compromise or someway that isnt going to cause furher stress to you.


I have an air purifier, it is NOT match for whatever it is they are using that is burning my eyes and skin. It's some strong thing like formaldehyde or camphor. I don't know. They started using it again about ten minutes ago and everything is burning on me again. There's no getting away from it. I had a panic attack from it this morning because I do not know what this is and there is no way to leave it. This is my only home. Either the management didn't get a hold of this person, or the person doesn't care what they are doing to me. It may even be deliberate because if they get rid of me, they have free reign to break the smoking ban with no one reporting them for it.

There has to be some law against doing something that gets into another tenant's body and makes them sick. There are laws against loud music, why isn't there a law against a chemical?


Right, first i identify i lived for four years with a neighbour who played loud music til 3am everyday, eventually 2 of us got together and sort help from enviromental health becos this man was beyond reasoning he'd already been evicted from two properties. He went on to continuosly vandal my other neighbours car. After nearly having a nervous breakdown she moved. I was on rehousing list for all this time. Then a new guy moved into her apartment and things got worse. This guy below started growing cannibis. He was a threatening individual. For two years i put up with skunk weed growing in the apartment below me. There was no point in going to police because i knew the landlord had taken a pay off she use to go round there the police ended up raiding him one day but it didnt end there. He threatened to kill me because he'd befriended the twat who played loud music and that bloke told him id probably grassed. I hadnt because i was afraid and knowing that the police wouldnt protect me. However i may of well have done because id put up with the stench and fumes for two years. Eventually i did get moved but not before having to move in with a friend for my safety. Obviously living above a cannibis crop didnt hrlp my asthma.

Right so, i too was rushed into hospital when i was living with a friend my skin had broke out in a itchy rash by day 3 i looked like a burns victim as my skin all over my body was swollen and peeling. I was put on high dose steroids, antihistamines and a drip. Sine then ive been diagnosed with urticara and angioedema. I have to take antihistamines avoid stress because this kicks in the histamine response even more. I also have to avoid too sunny days because my skin flares up. Im still being tested for allergy. So have you been to a dermatologist?im just thinking if your skin overeacts to chemicals maybe theres something they can give you to ease symptoms because at present it sounds like not only is the chemicals causing you problems but the stress of it is going to add to the histamine responde. I know its not an ideal situation to have to be popping more pills, but the reality is most other people are not reacting to the chemicals like you so it dont bother them, and people are just going to think that your making a fuss because ignorant people think that way they just simply dont care. It dont bother them and they look at your complaints as contolling. As harsh as that sounds thats how most people are. So im really looking from your point of view and what we can control in your current situation. Alternatively as for me moving maybe the only answeur. But even where im living now theres still neighbourly things to contend with, and your right i have often wished to live amongst my fellow sufferers because we would be more considerate.


I live in a condo complex and have the same issues. The worst for me is the scented detergents and fabric softeners. I run around closing windows and sometimes even have to leave for a while. I had to seal off my bathroom vent because many fumes were coming in from shared vents. I put weather stripping on my door and got a door sweep to make sure there was no opening under the door. I have a great air freshener and it still isn't enough!

I finally printed out a notice and put it on each floor. It did seem to help with the cigarette smoke and candles, but not the laundry products. I even bought unscented Bounce sheets for several neighbors and they still use the stinky stuff.

This is a copy of my notice:

Please Be Considerate of Your Neighbors

Many people in our complex have asthma, COPD or emphysema. These conditions are greatly aggravated by fragrances and smoke. Here are some things you can do to help us breathe better:

1. Seal your door with weather stripping and a door sweep on the bottom (this is a requirement in the HOA rules if you smoke).

2. Use unscented laundry products. Even though this vents to the outside, everyone breathes the dryer exhaust and it has caused serious reactions for residents. There are many unscented detergents and fabric softeners available now.

3. Don’t burn candles. This is a fire hazard and the fragrances are made even more damaging to lungs because of the petroleum based wax.

National Jewish Hospital says that if people with respiratory problems could avoid exposure to fragrances their symptoms would be greatly improved. Please help us keep our air healthy for all the residents.

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Most bldgs. are concrete so we really don't have vapors from one unit seeping into another, thank God. The last neighbors below me cleaned every day with Lysol. When they opened the front door, the vapors would float up and burn our eyes when we were sitting out on the balcony.

I am so sensitive that I cannot walk down the laundry products aisle at the store. Why people think they need to scent everything is beyond me. One neighbor used to almost bathe in her perfume. I finally had to tell her that I am allergic to it. She has stopped wearing it. Even other neighbors noticed it. I don't think people who wear strong perfume can smell it after a while.

Love, Mikie


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Something else that bothers me is walking past the nail salons. I have no idea how people can sit in them, inhaling all those fumes.

A few weeks ago the park down by us was getting sprayed. I asked the guy doing it, what it was......fertilizer. He was wearing tall boots but NO mask. I told him he needed a mask and he said he was used to the smell. I told him he's inhaling all that into his lungs. About that time the wind shifted and I had to scurry for home!


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I don't think there is any escape from all of it. I lived in an apartment a few years ago and the lady under us was boiling a big pot of vinegar on her stove one day. To clean with, I think.

My apartment was full of fumes. I called the manager because I didn't know what it was and she had maintainence go check it out. He said it took his breath away when he opened the door. He had her take it off the stove.

She was mentally ill so no one really got angry with her but her grown son finally had to move her to an assisted living facility.

Now, I live in a house, but still have to shut my A/C off a lot to avoid fumes from lots of outdoor stuff. When neighbors mow their lawns, when we mow ours, when neighbors burn leaves, when they put chemicals on their lawns or paint the outside of their homes.

In the summer I suffer a lot from these things. I get asthma, itching, histamine symptoms, and choking. Even in a controlled interior environment the outdoor stuff would still bother me a lot.

Our home is a mess because of my allergies. We can't repaint, even though I've tried the low VOC's. We can't clean the carpets thoroughly, replace flooring, etc. I would have to move out for months to get anything done. It's not practical, so we live with it. My husband is not a happy camper.




To other sensory overload, such as harsh lighting, loud noises, touch, confustion, etc.? I can barely stand to be next to people who are wearing clothes just dried with those smelly dryer sheets. I avoid store aisles with the detergents like the plague.

I found, by reading an article , that our neurons overfire or misfire, causing sensory overload and a host of other problems, mainly the inability to get refreshing sleep. This doc recommends Klonopin. This is a heavy-hitter drug in the benzo family but it's been a God send to me. I take it at night to sleep. If I suffer from sensory overload when I'm out, I put a small piece under my tongue and it gets me through the ordeal.

Love, Mikie


I have the same problem as TeaBisqit ... except that the issue I am dealing with only involves air freshener, not smoking. I live in a condo building.

I am highly allergic to air freshener. Not only do I get asthma and other breathing issues, but my throat also swells.

Rockyjs' notice to his/her neighbours is not the best way to get neighbours to stop using fragranced products. Rather than asking them to be considerate neighbours, tell them the truth about using these products. Below is my notice:


Air Fresheners, Deodorizers, Plug-ins, Oils, Gels, Scented Candles, Aromatherapy, Odor Neutralizers, Room Fragrance Sprays, Scented Laundry Detergent, etc.

Know the Facts about these products ...

  • There is nothing natural about these scents. They are made from hundreds of toxic chemicals that pollute your home and pose a serious threat to your health.
  • These products are NOT regulated, tested or monitored for safety by the U.S. government.
  • Chemicals found in these products are known to cause cancer and are linked to hormonal abnormalities, birth defects and reproductive problems.
  • Healthy people can develop breathing problems, asthma, allergies, headaches, coughing, nausea and dizziness from using these products.
  • Chemicals used in these products include formaldehyde, camphor, ethanol, phenol, petroleum-based artificial fragrances, acetone, butane, benzyl alcohol and phthalates.
  • These chemicals create a harmful smog in your home that gets into your lungs, body, clothing and all of your belongings.
  • These products do NOT get rid of unpleasant smells. Rather, they mask them with perfume and interfere with your own ability to smell.
  • Children are especially vulnerable to these products and can develop serious breathing problems and other health issues.
  • These products are creating a health crisis in American homes, more serious than exposure to cigarette smoke.
  • Google "air fresheners health" for more information.