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New Doctor Needed in FL

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Hi, I now have a concierge doctor who is great but charges $3k a year. I can no longer afford her. Does anyone know of a good CFS -Fibromyalgia general practitioner doctor in Sarasota, Fl?Please help me.


I do not live in Sarasota but about 20 years ago, there was a large support group. Big enough to
host a mini convention of Doctors in our speciality. The support group may still be operational
or have closed. But if you have no luck, I would just start with Rheumys in the area. And be
willing to search for one you like.

Wishing you the best,



Hi, Mav,

I live in Fort Myers and have a PCP who utilizes the peptide injections to treat immune and autoimmune illnesses. Of course, you want someone closer to Sarasota but, if you ever want to investigate the injections, you might want to contact Dr. David Gomeringer in Fort Myers. I've been wanting to get back up to Sarasota and eat at one of the Amish restaurants before Season begins. Dr. Gomeringer's number is 239-768-5544. Good luck to you.

Love, Mikie