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New Documentary about CFS/ME "Unrest" needs our support!

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Hey all, I just wanted to post here about a movie that Jennifer Brea has made about her hellish journey with ME. I just found out about it on Facebook. it's called Unrest and she has a kickstarter campaign to fund the screening of it in major cities and other advocacy efforts. I would post links if I could! But a Google search will work. From the trailer it looks like she really portrays how awful it can be. I backed her as much as I could, maybe we can all get the ball rolling and bring her eloquent voice to the masses- to everyone who doesn't get it!! She's our horse in the race!!
When I think of the fact that when I was bedridden I was just trying to scrape my life back together and this woman makes a movie it blows me away. Thrilled to back such a strong spirit. She is amazing!! Let's get her movie out there- it's already winning awards including one from sundance.
I don't know her personally, I am just uber excited about the work she's done and what this will mean for us all!!!!!!

Much love,


Have you see it yet? I'm waiting til it comes out on iTunes next month. It's already on Amazon. Jennifer Brea is a thrilling person to advocate for us all; she has accomplished an amazing thing in making this movie and taking it to the world stage. I hope everyone will share it with their friends, families, social networks.


OK, so I bought it yesterday and watched it. hard to watch; very sad--so many lovely young people losing their lives. But also a poweful important movie that I think we should all be buying, Facebooking, sharing, talking about, and posting everywhere on social media. The general public, family and friends need to watch this! Doctors and politicians need to watch this. It could raise much more awareness which hopefully might translate into much more funding.