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New Game, movie titles

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Hi Kids

We used to play charades in college. Didn't cost any money or require
any equipment other than a pen and some paper. Anyhoo, one time a movie
with four words was indicated. Without any clues someone said, "Gone With
The Wind" which was right. And there are lots of other four-word movies.
To wit:

A Star is Born, A Farewell to Arms,
An American In Paris, and Don't Fence Me In (with Roy and Dale).

Add your own.


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Nice game Rock. Speaking of 'gone with the wind'. I had an appointment with my ob/gyn last week and after waiting for about an hour, they told me she had to leave to deliver a baby and could I come back in a couple of hours.

Well, I was already worn out cause it was the first time I'd left the house in over a year after being so ill last winter with pneumonia. There was no way I could go back. I went home and slept six hours! lol

I'm going to try again today at 9:30. Hope all the babes will hold on for a few hours. :) (Just got home and all went well)

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Very nice. Glad to hear everything is OK. Your post reminded me of a movie from the 30s: Bringing up Baby with Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and Baby (a leopard).
There was also a dinosaur skeleton. The Rotten Tomatoes site said the film was brilliant, comedy gold etc. Earlier today I was reading a book on the history of RKO studios. The movie didn't do well when it was released.

Beauty and the Beast, The King and I
Support Your Local Sheriff, Strike Up the Band

Singing In The Rain, Ma and Pa Kettle
The King and I, The Grapes of Wrath



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"No Time For Sergeants"

"Meet Me In St. Louis"

"The Road to Morroco"

"The Last Picture Show"

"Rebel Without a Cause"

"Some Like It Hot"