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NEW PORCH #1211 IS NOW CLOSED (7-25-20)

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Good Hump Day Morning, Kids,

Only got five hours of sleep last night. There was TV that was just too good to miss and the last program came on at 10:00. I never stay up that late. I had to wait to take my BP meds so I could stay awake. It was worth it though. First there was a show about Regis Philbin's life. I liked him so much. Then there was a program about the virus and how it spread in our country. Finally, there was the program about conspiracy theories in the U.S. I had heard of Alex Jones but never realized how outrageous and hurtful his theories are. He and his followers hunted down a parent from the Sandy Hook school shooting until the poor man had to sue him over it. He's even too nutty for Ann Coulter and that's saying something. It's scary how much sway someone like this can have over people and even scarier that those people do hateful things because of it.

Sun, thanks for the heads up about that program. There is more online at The Russians are at it again sewing lies on social media about all kinds of things. More conspiracy theories. PBS has some kind of program about how our brains are wired to want to believe in conspiracies. I need to find it. There has to be some kind of explanation as to why people believe outrageous theories with no proof. Hope you were able to get some sleep.

Julie, I think all most of us want is for truth to come out. There have always been docs who do their own thing and claim good results. Thing is that, if there are no controlled studies, there is no way to know whether a certain drug actually worked or whether the patient would have gotten better on his or her own. This drug can have dangerous side effects so I think it's important that it be used carefully. Also, there was a run on it and it wasn't available to treat people with Lupus and other things for which it does work. The woman doc in question is part of the group claiming success. She talks about alien DNA and dream sex with demons. I have no confidence that she is a trustworthy source. There is so much info on the internet and I think one has to carefully choose what to believe and, even then, do more research from more trusted sources. People trust what is forwarded to them from friends but they often don't check things out for themselves. Misinformation spreads like wildfire this way. I just wish people would take the time to check things out. I'm skeptical until I check. I respect others and their opinions and everyone is entitled to his or her own beliefs. It is unsettling though to see some of the crazy stuff people believe. Not this instance or anyone here but there are people who believe things that are so out there and crazy that it really is scary. I think we all love our little family here on the Porch. I know I do. We may not always agree but that's okay. I'm glad we can discuss things and, even if we agree to disagree, we still love and respect one another.

I am thinking there is a nap with my name on it. Normally, I could watch programs I miss the next day On Demand. With PBS, I have to watch on the computer so I was glad to catch it last night. It's gonna be on again but it's on again at 10:00. I've turned into the stereotypical old lady in FL, eating dinner in the afternoon and going to bed at 8:00 in the evening. My old car looks like new because I almost never drive it. I look at my hands and swear they are my Mom's hands. Good grief!

Hope all y'all have a great Hump Day today.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: wasn’t that program something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone missed it and wants to watch it, you can download a free app of PBS and watch it for free. I’m a Christian, and won’t get into that, but there are so many things going on that it’s mind boggling.
I’ll have to go to PBS and see what else is there.

I’m laughing about your mom’s hands. I was at the doc’s office the other day, waiting for them to come in and looked, really looked at my hands. Huge veins sticking up, banged up from various scratches and cuts from gardening and since I have very thin skin I also bruise really bad. When did my hands start looking like my mom?

I’m up early with the usual misery. Doing some stretches to relieve the tight muscles and hope to get a little more sleep.


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Morning Kids

Nothing of note going on here except for Gordon's new purchase. I think it's a lamp that's supposed to kill the carona virus. I think he's waiting a few days before he opens the package. Well, one wouldn't want to get killed from an appliance
that's supposed to kill the enemy. I would think some firm would try and make a spray that will change color when it
comes in contact with the virus. He's waiting for 3 days so any virus on the machine will be dead.

He made a cake yesterday. Wasn't too happy with it. I thought it was fine. I used to bake years ago. Don't anymore.
Hardly do anything any more. Ha Ha.

Got a terrible e mail from my cousin. He in a hospital and has had a lot of surgery. I think it might be due to cancer.
They removed various bits and pieces like his bladder. Yikes. He's my age. When he was a boy he was handsome and athletic. Grew up near Chicago. He said in his letter he would rather have grown up in my Minnesota home town. He took his kids there when they were teens to show them what a small town was like and to meet some relatives.

My hands look old too. Especially the right one which has blood vessels making an X on the back of right one.
I am amazed everytime I hold them both up. The right one is so much bigger. Both Johnny Cash and Hank Snow
recorded the song "These Hands".

Things have been quiet in our neighborhood for more than a week. Not many helicopters flying overhead or
cop cars screaming by or neighbors with noisy dogs. No fireworks. Unusual but nice.

Mikie, there's a video on Youtube titled "Only in Florida".

Hugs and peace, Rock
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Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again...because of the storm that has us directly in the cone of uncertainty, I decided to fill up the gas tank in the car before there is a rush at the gas stations. I used up the tail ends of three gas gift cards and it's more than 80 percent full. As we get to the weekend, the path of the storm will become more certain but those storms can always diverge at the last minute. Irma did about one degree and it saved us from the forecasted surge. I think I have everything but need to check batteries. This one may not get beyond a tropical storm but, even if it doesn't become a hurricane, I still have to get supplies. I don't want to wait and get stuck in the crowds of hoarders. Yes, people hoard before storms too.

Maybe I'll run up to Publix for some food that needs no electricity. Storms are always a good excuse to eat junk food. Don't feel up to doing much anyway. After the gas station, I went to the bank to deposit two checks that I was surprised to get. One was a refund for the co-pay for my colonoscopy and the other was from Wells Fargo for one of their illegal shenanigans. I was surprised that they were open to come inside. Good, I hate using those pneumatic tubes in the drive thru.

Joe called earlier. We are both so blessed and aren't complaining but we were mentioning that everything seems kinda sad and abnormal. He doesn't feel like fishing. I don't feel like doing anything. Whine, whine, whine!

Sun, I would be heartsick if my kids started following someone like Alex Jones. I don't know how people get caught up in cult-like conspiracy mindsets. It's truly frightening. Like all cult leaders, he's in it for the $$$ and power he wields over his followers. Yes, I hope we both get some Zzzz's. I actually feel better so maybe I can get by without a nap. We'll see.

Rock, one of my feet is a half-size smaller than the other. As it is, I have trouble keeping shoes on my long narrow bony feet. The left shoe is too small so it is flapping in the wind. This is why I wear flip-flops so I don't flap. Ultraviolet light kills germs. I have a knife sanitizer that is like a knife block with a built-in light and fan. The idea is to wash the knife but not dry it and put it in the block. Unfortunately, it no longer works. I loved it til it quit. The do make luminous sprays that glow under black lights. If you sprayed and turned on the light, you'd never want to touch anything again. Scary stuff. Things are quiet here too. Wish I were there; I'd have a piece of cake and enjoy it and you guys' company. Miss Kitty too.

Think I'll wait til 1:00 to go to Publix. That's when it's the quietest. Of course, once the news mentions a storm, people want to run and get water, batteries, etc. Think I'll get some canned baked beans. I could live a week on those. Throw in some Vienna Sausages for protein and I'm good to go. Hope we don't lose power or the Omaha Steak food may not make it. I could probably take it across the street and use Larry's freezer.

John Lewis' body was flown to Atlanta from DC to lie in rest in the capitol there. The govt. let them use the USAF plane, Air Force One, which actually isn't Air Force One when the president isn't aboard. When Pence uses one, it's called Air Force Two. Just a bit of trivia but who knows when we need these little kernels of useless info. Think I'll start calling my car, Highlander One, when I drive it.

Looks as though we will be getting another $1,200 from our govt. Mine will go into savings. I've gotten used to staying home and not spending $$. I'm turning into a hermit and miser. Hope everyone has a great middle of the week.

Love, Mikie

Home again, home again...again! Decided not to wait to go to Publix. I'm glad I went. The store was not crowded at all. I basically just got batteries and storm food. Bread was up 50 cents a loaf. I usually get it on BOGO but I needed it now. Saw my friend, Suzie, in the deli. Publix does lots of good work in the community and they are having a drive for school supplies. We always have several of those to make sure every kid has what he or she needs. I gave $10. The idea is to get a lot of smaller donations and they add up. I've never been hungry a day in my life and my Mom had a good job and I had nice things for school.

I think right now it is even more important. I don't see how families whose wage earners are out of work can even feed themselves let alone pay rent and all the other bills. School has been postponed here. No one is giving the schools directives for how to reopen and no one is supplying the extra money needed to ensure the kids' and teachers' safety. Older teachers are retiring instead of putting themselves at risk. An atty. here has offered free wills and trusts to them just in case.

I would worry that Publix might not get as much for their drives but people are really stepping up. There is a shortage of good bikes and boats. Also homes and condos. The price of condos in here is up about $10,000 across the board. So there are still plenty of people with plenty of $$$. Good because those with nothing are gonna need some help.

Now, I'm gonna relax. It's been a constructive day already. Love to all y'all.

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Good Wednesday morning, everyone! Can't stay cause I'm getting ready to go to the chiro...he's got my leg almost back to "normal"...whatever that is, lol!

I didn't get a chance to look for the program last night...was spraying weeds till dark...8 gallons (not all at once, lol) from my little backpack sprayer. Got all the different fence rows at the edge of the yard done now, so those weeds won't be growing and spilling their little cr*p all over me when I go by on the rider. Hopefully, someday, I'll be able to just keep up with everything with the trim mower and weed eater, but "miles to go before I sleep" ;) Den sprayed for me earlier, but we have such a long list of things to do this summer (and the next, and the next, and...haha!) that we have to "divide and conquer"...he does the "heavy lifting" with his toys...err, I mean, big machines (like the skid loader, tractor, backhoe, etc.) and I do the things I can. Then when I need something, I just yell for Den, lol!

Tried to read a little bit on here just now...oh, yes, Alex Jones is someone to stay away from, for sure. He makes all the "truthers" look bad, lol! Even they warn each other about him :eek:

Oh goodness, Den is trying to talk to me about new computers...I'd better get off here and finish getting ready. Take care, everyone!


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Mikie: that attorney sounds like a guy with a heart. Bless him. I was reading that come around october all &*^%$# is going to really happen with expected flu and covid. And apparently delayed monthly rental is also expiring. I’ve read if that is not extended there’s going to be even more people/families on the street.

Julie: I wanted to watch Frontline so I would KNOW what evil lurks out there. He was bragging that he writes a paragraph and the next day the exact wording shows up in a presidential speech. He sees himself as the power behind the throne. Now that’s scary. Great news that your chiro is making the pain disappear. Has he said what muscles he’s working on?

It’s supposed to be HOT today, up around 100. I have some errands to run this morning so need to get moving.


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Dear Porchies,

Just popping in for a bit. Not much new here really. Did some work outside as DH was anxious to do something since we hadn't due to rain or threat of it.

MIKIE - If you have the swelling and headaches because of the new med then tell the dr and get off it already, I know what you mean when the one doc told me to get of the Losartan, Hctz . I hadn't had any problems with it before but some many meds have a side a effect of rashes ( for me) , so what;s the point. I had gotten off them for 3 months or more and there was no difference but a much more expensive drug. I have to go to the PCP to get my b/p checked and for her to sign a paper that I can have a tooth removed or work on me in whatever fashion. I don't look forwards to it as my b/p just likes to its own thing at times. I have my father;s b/p and I'm sure that my pain and discomfort does not help the situation much.

Whoops bad timing. DH needs the computer for awhile so not sure if I will be getting back on here again today.

Hope all you Porchies are doing well.

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)


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Hello, Just finished watching an old CSI episode. It was so old it had the original cast which was
much better than what they've got now. Got an e mail from my hospitalized cousin. He asked if I
knew any ways of painless suicide. He didn't answer my question if he had cancer. It might be
that he's afraid he'll have to wear an ostomy bag. The surgeons seem to have done an awful lot
of cutting and removal in the groin area.

The beautiful Loretta Young wore an ostomy did according to the biography I read. I remember
she had a TV show when I was a kid. She always made a sweeping entrance through a French door. We always watched to see if she'd get her flowing dress caught in it. Each episode was a complete
story. I though they were pretty good.

Hi, Granni. That's pretty funny. You have your fathers blood pressure. Guess he doesn't need it
anymore. The only thing I got from mine was his swearing. I always say the same 6 words he did.

Gordon just dropped a sheet of paper on the table. I guess it's stuff he wants to look up, so I
will move on.

Hugs and Kisses


Hi, Kids,

Just woke up from a nap. Now I have a sinus headache. It's always something! I'm so glad I got those errands done. My HR is high again today. Damn! I don't know why it does that. Perhaps something else will need to be done. I've started a new book on the Kindle but have been so tired that I fall asleep every time I start to read it. Seems to me that I've read a bunch of books lately where a woman inherits a home or, in this case a farm, and goes home to deal with it. She meets a man, yada, yada, yada...

I think I slept for two hours and am so glad I did. I really need to do some things around here. I still have to take things to the thrift store. It's a bit farther away than where I drove today. I ran the car through the wash while I was gassing it up. It looks so nice. Water still beads up on the hood so the wax job is holding. I parked next to one like mine the other day, even the same color. The clear coat was coming off of it and it looked awful. Having a car port to protect it helps too but waxing is the most important thing.

Granni, I can't call the doc. He's out of the office. I'll just have to take my old meds and call him when he gets back. I'm sorry so many meds cause rashes for you. Hope you can come back and stay a bit.

Sun, all kinds of people are doing nice things for others during this mess but I'm afraid some will get left behind if we can't get back to work and school safely. Yes, the flu will start this fall and it doesn't appear as though there will be any fewer cases of the Covid for a while. I hope the vaccine will help us all recover. It's hotter there than here. I got my first utility bill for more than $100 this month--$102. The A/C runs nonstop. Stay cool.

Rock, I'm so sorry about your cousin; he must be in a lot of pain. He might also be dreading life with problems. Not only did Loretta Young sweep in through the doors but every week, she wore a different gorgeous long gown. They were beautiful as was she. Laughing about getting your father's swearing. I've sworn like a sailor since I was a little kid and no one knows why or where I got it. I don't. Wish I didn't but it seems to be a habit I can't break.

I hope there's nothing good on TV tonight. Even if there is, I doubt I'd be able to stay awake to watch. Heck, I can hardly stay awake to finish this. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie


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Rock: your humor is showing!;)

I’m sorry about your cousin. That is a fear of mine....tons of surgery where you have to wear a bag. I feel so bad for him. Did I ever tell you about a friend of my son up in Portland. He developed Lou Gehrig’s disease, went from just a little numbness and muscle atrophy to needing a cane, then a wheelchair then a breathing machine in less than 6 mos. His doctors were shocked. Usually it takes a minimum of 2 years to progress like that. Anyway, Oregon is a state where you can commit suicide legally. He had all the paper work, the pills to take, etc. but he couldn’t breath when his girlfriend had taken him out to the sidewalk to enjoy the air, she didn’t know CPR, his caregivers couldn’t administer neither could the paramedics because he had signed a do not resuscitate paper. So he died within 15 min. of not even being able to have a peaceful death going to sleep.

Mikie: my AC bill is up around $250 plus and I don’t even run it all the time. I swear too.....did that on my own after being married.:mad:


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Hi Kids, This is the tiny town of Granger, Iowa. Bet you've never been there, Julie. It's a very unusual little town. Half of
it's in Iowa and the rest in Minnesota. When I was a teen I used to go there every Sunday to play the organ. I got paid
ten bucks every Christmas for my services despite the fact that I was a lousy organist. More of my mother's craving for a
musician in the family. I also played at another tiny church with another tiny congregation. I could write a book on How
Not To Raise Chrilden.


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Hi everyone! Just had frozen pizza for supper...Wal Mart brand, not too bad, lol! I usually mix up a "stir and roll crust" but decided to do quick and easy tonight.

Spent several hours in town, after my chiro appt. Sun, he's been working on the sciatic nerve...apparently it's affected when the L2-L5 are having problems. I didn't realize the sciatic split...part goes to the front and part to the back (I've had trouble with the back before, but this front part was a new trick of my body, lol!) Good news today...the low back is doing okay...the discomfort that remains is just the nerve healing. He had to tweak my knee today and both ankles, due to not walking correctly because of the pain. But, I'm on the mend and "graduated" to two week appts. instead of every week...yay!

I think our temps got up close to 90 today, but a breeze kept it tolerable. Den had turned the A/C on by the time I got home from town. Our bill was $197 this last time, but that was also the time period all the kids were here. And we cool the shop too, so a 40' X 40' in the house and 60' X 40' in the shop...both have 20' ceilings. We keep the thermostat set on 72-73, but turn the central air off at night (if we're the only ones here) and just run the one in the bedroom. We try to give things a break once in awhile, but the humidity and allergens sometimes give us no choice, lol!

Rock, I'm so sorry about your cousin. Right after our car accident in 1992, when the drunk driver ran a stop sign and I hit him...I had days when the pain was so bad that I didn't really care how much longer I lived. But with a husband and two young girls to take care of...well, we made it. Who would have thought that "just whiplash" could cause so much trouble, even now, after all these years?

Nope, I've never been to Granger...not that I can remember, anyway. Do you think that if you sat down at an organ today, any of it would come back to you?

Barry, I haven't heard anything on the kittens this week. Mama hadn't been around, either...but I just looked outside a few minutes ago and there she was. I quickly mixed up some raw egg, kibble and leftover chicken to feed her...and sat outside while she ate so the other cats wouldn't steal her food. When she was done, I poured the leftovers in the regular cat food tray, so the local gang could have a treat, too :) She wasn't coughing tonight, and no nasal "gunk" so I hope she is over whatever was bothering her. She seems too thin, but she has always been kinda any rate, she got some TLC from me.

Den has moved a lot of dirt for me this week...making some raised beds on the north side of the house. Next summer, I want to get an herb garden started again...and whatever else I think of. I'm not sure we're ready for a regular garden yet...they take a lot of work, and it will depend on how much "clean up" we get done before winter this year. I just want to have the energy to take care of whatever I start.

Mikie, glad you got some extra rest and got your car fueled and washed. Sorry about the HR...could it possibly be from anxiety, due to storm season? Just a could be from any number of things, true? Made me think of my aunt, whose heart acts up every fall...she goes for tests, wears a monitor, sometimes dr adjusts meds (sometimes, not) but it always straightens back up by the first of the year. She doesn't really know what would cause it to do's not a stress from the holidays, etc. (they only have one grown daughter and not many other responsibilities, etc.) Just a weird thing...but we sure don't want to let stuff like that go, even if it turns out to not be too serious.

I agree about people needing to get back to work and school...safely, of course. We talked to one of our friends who works at the home supply store, where we went on Sunday. He works about an hour from home, his wife works full-time at a bank (probably 30 minutes from home). They live way back in the "Boonies" on a dead end road and their 14 year old son has been home alone whenever they are at grandparents or other relatives around to help out. I think most of our schools are giving the choice of in person or online classes...or a combination of both. And masks at appropriate times, etc.

Granni, Den must have your father's BP too, lol! His goes up whenever he has to see a doctor. It would even go up when Amy would practice on Daddy when she was in college! Almost as soon as he sees that cuff, he can feel his BP rise...

Spring, how are things in the "jungle"? Isn't that what you call your property this time of year when things grow so fast :)I almost bought a couple of Mandevilles today...they had white and a really pretty red. But since they are only hardy to "above 50 degrees" I figured it would be a waste. Plus, the plants the store had left were sorely in need of watering...

Thinking of Duckie, Willow, Star, GB, Gordon, everyone I'm forgetting. Had a fleeting thought of doing a little mowing, since it's supposed to rain during the night...but that thought didn't last long ;) I try to take it easy right after getting an adjustment or I feel like I'll possibly cause more harm. I did get groceries put away (Den helps unload the van...two coolers on wheels, etc.) and "fixed" might just crash the rest of the night. We're still watching "Aussie Truckers" or some such show...