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New Site Announcement

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The team at ProHealth is excited to announce that we will be launching a newly designed website in the next two weeks. We are very pleased to offer better organization of content and products, while still maintaining much of what you are used to.

Please rest assured that all of your passwords, usernames, images and message board posts will remain 100% unchanged.

Some of the great things to look for will be:

- A new updated look

- Central site search for quick access to what you need

- Improved navigation throughout the site

- Several refinements across all sections including Community, Web Store and Research

- A special discount to the ProHealth store to celebrate!

ProHealth thanks you for your participation and support throughout the years. Enjoy the new site!


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Can you tell us about when this "new" site will be unveiled? Good luck ! I hope it turns out great for all.



Great news! You'll see the new ProHealth website on Wednesday 11/30/2011!

We look forward to having everyone begin to enjoy the new site this week! We are confident that you'll appreciate the big improvements we've made in this version.

Also, within the next 30-90 days we will be releasing new features and functions to keep the site moving in the direction it should. One item that will be of interest to our Forum users is advanced searching and sorting which will bring you the information quicker and more accurately.

Also on Wednesday- keep an eye out for a special discount code to be posted! We hope this will make your first shopping experience that much better.


The team at ProHealth hopes you enjoy the new website!

To celebrate we are taking 10% off all $100 vitamin orders. This discount is offered through Friday 12/9/2011.

When you check out, please use code BNRNEWPH to receive your special pricing.

Best regards from the ProHealth team.


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I have been diagnosed with FM 25 years ago from a work-related injury. When I was first diagnosed by a Rheumatologist and a Neurogist they both told me to keep moving. Also they both prescribed PAIN PILLS that I despise taking, so I took the meds, but did not like the side effects, therefore I tried a few different things that worked FOR ME. Not sure if it will work for everyone.

The first thing I did was go to a community Hydrotherapeutic 94 degrees Hot Pool and did this for 3 hours a week, it worked for over 5 years, but then the building was sold and I was very down and wanted to do something. Sitting on the couch at home feeling sorry for myself, did NOT WORK FOR ME.

So I called up the local fitness center and began very slowly with senior classes and found that the pain was horrible at the beginning, and persisted, and I stuck it out for 5 years, I am now almost pain free and I attribute that to the endorphines that are released into your body when you exercise on a regular basis. I go to 5 one hour classes weekly and Almost take NO MEDS, except when the weather is a bit finicky and I resort to taking pills only WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

The pain is manageable now, but the Chronic Fatigue is totally unrelenting. I try to follow a set schedule 7 days a week, keeping busy and trying to PACE myself using a timer.

As far as the fatigue, I can only take a couple of days off to try and catch up on some much needed rest. I have not only mastered the Pain, but trying with all my might to try and fight the fatigue.

Does anyone have any other have problems with the fatigue. Thanks for reading this and replying