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New thread 1122. March 19 IS CLOSED


Well-Known Member spring flowers&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#imgrc=wmjyrD3-yEnEcM:

I saw that we're way over so decided to start a new thread. I'll be back.

Sorry, this ipad can't capture the image and post, but go to the link and you will see what's going on in the town of Temecula. Or someone can capture one of the flower pics and put it up. Apparently sunday and monday people were pouring into this town to see the wildflowers from all the rains....a huge traffic jam with over 10,000 people. Those are California poppies, the state flower. My neighbor on the corner has her own little wildflower spectacle going on. Lots of orange poppies, a yellow type daisy and purple lupine. My little DGDs stopped on friday to admire all the flowers. No way would I get stuck in a huge traffic jam to see flowers.

The surgery isn't until April 12. Couldn't get in earlier. I was up from midnight until about 4 this morning so feel really wrung out this morning.
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Hi, Kids,

Spring had a nice post at the end of the last Porch. Be sure to check it out.

Got the hoarder room all straightened up and vacuumed. All SV's throws are now clean. He was up on his perch in the hoarder room when I started to vacuum. This after making him move twice to wash the throws. He gave me a dirty look and settled down in his little soft bed in the living room.

Sun, thanks for getting us up and going again. This link only took me to a search page so decided to just go get my own pic and stick it in your post. Hope that's OK. The video on TV was spectacular but, like you, I wouldn't suffer the traffic no matter how beautiful. This is Mother Nature's gift to the people of CA for all the horrible weather y'all have had. That and the fires. I'll keep up the prayers for you and hope the surgery goes well.

Barry, I am sorry you are so sick with exhaustion. I've been the same for days or even weeks so I totally understand. I hope and pray you feel better soon. Hope whatever you have to read totally takes your mind off your ills.

Rock, just another in my collection of stupid newscaster remarks: 'Four were taken to the hospital with injuries but no one was harmed.'

The rain has let up and, if it doesn't start up again, I'll take the trash and recycle stuff down tomorrow. I need to run to Goodwill to get rid of some things in the back of the Highlander. I hope my Kids make it to the Keys OK and have a good time there for a couple of days. I need to clean out the fridge and shop for groceries for them.

Don't know when or if I'll see Grace. I understand that she is going through grueling PT. She may be upset with me because I didn't get up to see her when she was in the hospital. She, like most people, doesn't really understand that I get so exhausted that I'm sick. She likes a lot of attention whenever she has anything wrong. Yes, a fractured hip is a big deal and I made an effort but it likely falls short of what she thinks I should be doing for her. My kids will be here and I won't be going to see her while they are here. If I hear from her, I'll go to see her tomorrow.

In the meantime, I hope all y'all have a lovely evening. Need to watch the weather report to see how long the rain will last.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: Thanks for posting the pic. I cant do some things on the IPAD. With all the rain we've had all the hills are covered with poppies, along with the yellow wild mustard and the blue and purple lupine....very very colorful. The mustard was planted by the early explorers to calif so they would something to eat. It takes over if you let it, growing 4-5' tall.

I grew up in the country and twice a year my dad would have the field plowed over but once a man knocked at our door and asked if he could pick a bag of the mustard greens. We were dumbfounded....I didn't think you could eat it, but then at that time my mom was strictly open up a can of veggies....ugh. I have a good friend who has an acre in back of her house and she was just telling me she has to hire someone to plow up the weeds. I told her she needs to get some goats. Her neighbor across from her has some llamas....I wonder if they eat those weeds?

I've got awful back/neck pains. I'm covered with my neoprene and heated rice filled things and I've already hit the 800 ibuprofen. I've been working on getting more things listed on etsy so I can take my mind off my misery. I hate this body I'm stuck in......I got a defective model.

In my city we can have 4 bulk trash pick ups a year so I called yesterday and they will pick up some of my junk tomorrow morning, I will have to drag some things out to the curb in the early evening.


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Hi Kids

Gordon is just back from his chiropractor. The guy he sees is in Chinatown; much closer than mine who is Eagle Rock. Thanks for starting up and the Poppy pic, Sun & Mikie. I remember the desert flowers from when I lived in Las Vegas. They were almost all a rather dark blue.
It was like looking at a really large carpet surrounded by sand. 56 years ago. Uff-doh!

Sun, the LA trash people will pick up big items like an fridge or a sofa if we call them. Our alternative is to call the junk man who lives a few blocks from us and has a pickup truck.
And one can get rid of a lotta stuff just by putting it outside our wall. People going by will
stop and pick up odds and ends like: furniture, an old metal wash line that folded up, an
old trunk, a bookcase with one shelf missing. Real treasures. Hope you can nap all afternoon. Catch up on some sleep.

Gordon just boiled some tiny potatoes with a thin skin. They are about the size of a
mascara bottle. Probably cheaper too. Well, it's past time for my nap, but I think I'll
lie down anyway. Barry, hope you got a nap. I haven't read a New Yorker for yonks,
but I was looking at some New Yorker cartoon on line a couple days ago.

Hugs, Rock


Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Still haven't heard from DD about their plans. They should be heading down to the Keys for a couple of days. Then, they will head up here. It's quite a drive. This state is huge lengthwise. I'm tired from all the work around here yesterday. I have a lot to do today but it's not physical work. Grace called last evening. She was crying. I sympathized with her about the pain but she said she wasn't in much pain now. Said the pain was horrible when it happened. She was thinking about how awful it must have been for Barb, walking on her fractured hip. She is in PT almost all the time and is trying to get used to it. Said she will be there another two weeks before coming back to the condo. Told her my kids would be coming and she said to come visit her after they left.

Sun, I know how hard it is to accept our limitations. What I have learned to do is gently touch my body. It doesn't matter where. I usually gently rub my arm or shoulder. I tell God how thankful I am for this body and ask Him to help take the pain away. I also ask Him to keep me from injuries. I send love to my body in thankfulness and healing. It isn't a magical thing that takes away the pain but it does seem to lessen it. Feeling loving and relaxed instead of frustrated or angry helps everything. Spring's suggestion to visualize and feel God's healing white light is another thing I do to feel better. Not trying to sound like a Pollyanna because our pain is real and it is exhausting and frustrating. Thank God we have each other to vent to because no one else understands it. I pray for healing for all of us. I have pain every day but, at this point, my bone crushing exhaustion is the worst thing I deal with. Hope you feel better.

Rock, in NC, they plant wild flowers along the roads and they are beautiful. Richard and I saw them when we visited his Mom. I understand the wild flowers in the Texas hill country are beautiful too. I hope that chemical tank fire is out soon near Houston. You should see the stuff people put outside our dumpster fence to be hauled off. Scavengers come by and take anything metal but the rest just sits out until the garbage men haul it off. It's disgusting, especially when mattresses sit out in the rain. So many here are redoing their bathrooms and there are sometimes toilets sitting out. Now that's funny. Do they take them to the dump? Are those potatoes the finger potatoes? I've seen them at the store. Some are purple. Farmers used to throw them out until they discovered they could sell them as gourmet potatoes. Because the nutrients are in the skin, I'd say they are likely healthier.

Woke early and read but couldn't go back to sleep. I may take a nap here on the sofa before I start in for the day. I had thought the all day rain would wash away the pollen but my allergies are giving me a whopper of a headache. Time to go spray some NasaCort up my nose. Hope all y'all have a great Hump Day.

Love, Mikie



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oh Lordy, but that picture is beautiful! look at the clouds too. i dont have the guts to brave traffic jams to see a sight like that, because first of all, jostling among crowds and hearing all the people talking doesnt seem the most conducive atmosphere to enjoy a spectacular sight of Mother Nature like that. for me, best done in solitude and contemplation. but how wonderful toknow they were there.

Thank you, Sun and Mikie for posting it. We have fields and fields of terraced yellow mustard flowers in our city outskirts in September too, what a sight for eyes made sore by looking at concrete.

Rock - i love eating tiny boiled potatoes. we eat them with a fiery chutney. i love potatoes in any form. in fact, i cant 8magine a world without potatoes. im laughing thinking of good enough furniture sitting out in the open waitingto be hauled off. isaw those when we were in Mass. and we chuckle about it here, those things wouldnt last ten minutes in our streets. people would prolly fight for ownership of them. i remember just some months ago, a neighbour complaining someone stole their nylon clothes drying rope from their garden.

Barry - nice of you to stop by even if to let us know youre not upto par on energy.

Mikie - lets hope its the end to that string ofunfortunate incidents in your hood for a while. SV is taken care of so well. Gourmet food. Lovely clean fresh bed. His own goblet to drink from.....a princely existence. Yes, the healing white light. It can be used for anything, everything. it is part of me now.

today too it rained. its a big festival. Fagu Poornima. Its Full Moon as well. and Holi festival of colours. i think the people must have gotten over the stress of the. EQs and stuff. DH said there was revelry going on every part of town. People pouring water over each other and coloured powder. Dancing and beatingof drums. my DD spent the day at a friends at whose house they celebrated the festival and had a barbeque. the friend, a former high school classmate very kindly packed the leftover bones for DD and her other friend to take home to their dogs.

DS went to attend a get together of a classmatewho left the country for USA with hisfamily when he was in grade lX. He came back to celebrate the special 80th birthday of his grandfather who stayed back with his other relatives. Theyre also Tibetan. .
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Hi, Kids,

I did go back to sleep for about an hour on the sofa. Then, I got up and put on some clothes and makeup. Was gonna go to Goodwill and Publix but felt really sick so didn't go. The IBS or a Herx-like reaction caused nausea and diarrhea. I'm due for my colonoscopy this summer so I'll ask the doc about it then. I did manage to do the last of the picking up in here, filling my pill boxes, etc. Just piddling stuff. I cleaned around SV's bowls because he makes a mess even though he's a dainty eater. I groomed him and got the knots out of his undercarriage hair. The sun has come out so I may take my recycables down. I hauled the garbage down earlier. It's only 72 degrees out right now and feels cool inside. It's nice to be able to take a leisurely approach.

Y'all know I have the TV on all day while I work in here. Dr. Oz was touting the benefits of black vinegar. It's made from black or brown rice. It has some benefits that apple cidar vinegar doesn't have. It lowers blood glucose levels. He also touted the benefits of oat milk versus soy or almond milk, neither of which I like. Might try the oat milk. Don't really have anything against drinking cows' milk as long as it's Lactaid.

Spring, I love the idea of the color festival. They had it filmed or reinacted on that show I used to watch--Indian Summers. Don't know what happened to it. PBS starts series and they just stop. No closure, no nothing. This is the last super moon of 2019. It is called a worm moon. Increased rainfall this time of year causes more worms. Don't know who names these moons. Glad to hear your doggies benefited from the BBQ too. I love BBQ. Yes, SV does live a princely life. My biggest concern is keeping him healthy and, since he drinks a lot more water from a goblet, I let him have his own and drink out of it. Don't know whether he will drink out of it for Claudia when she cat sits him but he will have bowls of water available. Just hope he drinks enough so that he doesn't get another bladder infection. I will always appreciate your help with the white light and other spiritual helps.

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie

Update: Eighteen minutes ago, we entered the Vernal Equinox. Spring is officially here. The clouds are back but don't think there will be more rain. Hope it's spring wherever y'all are.
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Hi Kids

You should see our sky today. Sky blue with enormous cumulus clouds full of light and
shade. Imagine how wonderful it would look if all the buildings weren't in the way. We
went to Ralphs. I saw a sign: below. I said, "Look. They're giving away gluten. When we
got to the checkout stand the clerk was missing. He came back and fiddled with the cash register for a while. Gordon said, "If this takes any longer we'll be back on standard time."

Speaking of time, I believe today is the first day of Spring*. It's also "Kick Butt Day" and
"Bock Beer Day". At this point I got interrupted by Gordoni who needed to look up
something. I lay down to read. Of course I fell asleep. Just woke up now. Looked
out the window. Nothing amiss. Went down to visit and feed the kitty. When I got
downstairs it was raining. Guess Kitty is in her new shelter.

*Oh, Mikie already posted that. Oops!

Mikie, great pic. Is that the same grandson who was doing the magic trick on Youtube?
Both boys look happy and healthy. Never heard of fingerling potatoes. The ones we
have are round, like some sort of bird eggs or ping pong balls. Color is pale yellow. Oh,
just thought of something. Maybe the only reason they are small is that they are not yet
full grown. Cannot find a single picture that has anything to give scale as to size.

Spring, Wow! A host who sends you home with bones for your dog. Very cool. Very likely
some woman's magazine will read about this and write an article. The news will spread.
The home page will have one of it's idiotic headlines. " Dog Bones for guests. The internet
goes insane!"

Started a new book. It was written by Gary Burghoff from Mash. "The Wonderful Thing
about Pets." Came out 2000. Some great stories;

Believe I'll go downstairs. Maybe use some of this morning's groceries for din-din.
Hugs, Rock



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Rock:. I LOVE the comment from Gordon about the time! Did he say it to you under his breath or to the cashier????? As I get older I'm having to put a lock on my mouth at times! I have a tendency to say what I'm thinking.

Spring: I think I would really love that colorful festival. I'll have to keep that in mind when I hit the million dollar jackpot, which remind me I just heard as blurb that someone won a half BILLION dollar lottery. I can't even comprehend that amount. What would everyone do with that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?

Mikie: Should be fun having two rowdy young boys staying at your condo. I love being around young people, I suck up their energy. I haven't been to my senior citizens art group in a long time, for one thing haven't felt like it, but I'm come to the realization.......everyone there is OLD and most act OLD, and I don't like being around OLD people. Who can relate to that?

I got caught out in the rain today, thinking it was only going to be some sprinkles so didn't wear my raincoat. I was at the library and some people with little ones in tow were wondering how they were going to get to their cars since no one expected such rain. Then as I was leaving the cutest little boy in rain boots and a slicker that said fire dept. was dropping off some books in a bin. Now he was dressed right.

So then I headed down the street to my favorite little bakery to buy their ginger scones. them. I got into a discussion with the owner (she used to live in France) and told her I'm searching for more scone recipes. Told her about one I made last week....sweet potato, maple syrup, pecans. I was hoping she would come up with a winning recipe for her bakery.....I could see it swirling around in her head when she said that might be something for vegans. I happen to use gluten free flour.

So then I headed to a little charming thrift store and found some antique linens, my favorite things. Bought a few items and came home and promptly dunked them into a soaking hot water bath.

Mikie: I was watching jeopardy this evening and was struck at how healthy Alex Tribeck looks! Hard to believe he's sick. And I'm happy to read that you talked to Grace. She'll make it thru fine, she sounds like a fighter full of life.


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Hi Kids

Went to bed, but didn't fall asleep. Sun, Gordon made his bon mot without resorting to
sotto voce. The store was full of shoppers and the noise level was pretty high. Your
maple-pecan scones sound delicious. I don't know if I've ever had an authentic scone.
I did buy a package labeled scones at Trader Joe's some decades back. They didn't look
anything like the scone pics on the net I discovered.

Nice that you found something at the thrift shop. Are the linens made of linen or are
they bed clothes of other fabrics? Why did you put them in the tub of hot water. To
clean them; shrink them; other?

Mikie, glad to hear you didn't go out shopping when you didn't feel up to it. Very
sensible. BTW, which boy above is your grandson? Great photo. My mother took the
worst pics of kids ever. I don't believe my Dad ever took a photo of anything.

Well, time for bed again. God Natt. (That's Norskie.) Rock


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Got up with trace of stomach problems from yesterday. I'm pretty sure it's an AV Herx-like reaction because of the splitting headache I had. I also had a hard time getting sleepy last night. Joe called to ask whether I had insomnia because he isn't used to seeing my lights on that late. He wants to go out for dinner after my kids' visit. He's been very sweet lately.

Ilona called because she texted and I asked whether she had heard about Grace. She hadn't so she called and we talked for a long time. In the meantime, my pals were texting and Joe was calling. It was like Grand Central. I'm not used to all that confusion. I don't do confusion well. So glad the condo is in decent shape so I can rest up to enjoy the visit. DSIL's birthday is April 6th so think I may get a cake for him at Publix. We can celebrate early. Andy is the boy on the right. Both aren't coming here. They just realized that their families would be in Miami at the same time so they got together on South Beach. DD posted the pic on FB.

Rock, Gordon's remark is hilarious. It must be like nonstop comedy hour at your place. Last time I was at Publix, the guy and his wife in front of me realized he forgot something. So, instead of saving the order and wheeling it over to customer service, the clerk waited for him. He took the item to another checkstand and thought he could pay for everything there or he just forgot his wife and the order. Hard to tell what goes through the minds of some of these people. I call my mind a pea brain but I'm a genius compared to some. Needless to say, everyone in line was getting ugly. From what I heard, those small taters are dug up with the larger ones. How great is it that, instead of being thrown out, they are marketed as gourmet potatoes. Because you described them as the size of a mascara container, I pictured them as the finger potatoes, thinking shape instead of size. Doh! Love your gluten free joke. BTW, yes, that is the same, and only, grandson who was doing magic. Now it's magical if they can get him to do his homework.

Sun, yes, Alex Trebek does look good. They tape ahead of time and I'm thinking he had treatment and is now back to taping new shows. He's a man who has everything, including a loving marriage, and he isn't ready to give up easily. Good for him! As mentioned above, I'll only have one active lad here; I don't think I'd survive two. DD regrets having only one but there are advantages of being an only. He scores big at Christmas. Those scones sound delicious. I got a recipe for biscotti and would like to make them. They don't look difficult at all. I just don't bake anymore unless it's quick bread in the bread maker. I didn't get my tickets for the Power Ball cause I didn't fell up to going out. By yesterday afternoon, I was brain dead. If a person takes the lump sum, he gets fifty to sixty percent of the amt. Then there are taxes. With a jackpot that big, it would still be a fortune. If I won something that huge, I'd split it between my kids and my friends. I've reached the stage in life where I don't need stuff. Glad you found some linens for your business.

I went out earlier to look at the Vernal Equinox Super Worm Moon this morning and it is beautiful. It was too cloudy out to watch it come up last night. Hopefully, it will be clear tonight to watch it. Kids will dive today in the Keys and drive up here tomorrow. Think I'll wait to go to the store until tomorrow morning so everything will be fresh. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie

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Mikie: What an interesting pic though obviously it's photo shopped....the moon being made HUGE, almost scary looking. But i do love the colors especially in the water.

Oh darn...I think it would have be loads of fun to have both boys bouncing off each other.

I'm staying with my two older DGKs this weekend while the parents go up to Carmel. They're no trouble....just the puppy which I told my DD I'm NOT taking care of's the kids job. I don't like the jumping.

Rock: I put them in hot water for several soaks because old, unwashed linen gets yellow, I think from the acid in the fabric. Sometimes they take 3 soaks to gets the water clear and then I add detergent to the water, or sometimes a dry bleach. It's a big job but I take pride in the linens I sell and they all get washed before listed.

It rained again this morning after a dry spell. But it was a gentle rain.

I'm trying to reorganize my listed all of them a reference code. I've accumulated way too many and at times I can't tell one from another.


Hi, Kids,

Woke up from a nap after my bath and epilated the two hairs on my legs. I painted my toe nails and rubbed on some lotion which will give a bit of color to my pasty arms and legs. I've been sooo tired lately that I've neglected my usual grooming routine. I'm glad to have today to rest. Kids won't be here til around four in the afternoon tomorrow. That gives me plenty of time to shower and do my hair and go to the store. Gonna get some good Boar's Head sliced ham and turkey so we can make sandwiches whenever we want. I also have some bacon if we want to make BLT's. Didn't want anything 'cept coffee when I got up. Later I wanted a substantial breakfast so cooked the bacon, two eggs and made some toast. Was sooo good! I love eggs cooked in bacon grease.

Grace called. Her leg is swollen and her pants won't go up over the swelling. Her husband is clueless about shopping for her as most husbands would be. I told her I would go with him to Bealls because it's close. She said he would be upset if he thought she asked me to do it. I may stop in before going to Publix in the morning to see whether I can find anything. One size larger with elastic in the waistband ought to do the trick and I know the colors and styles she likes. I forgot to ask whether she wears petites but I think she probably does. She can try them and, if they don't work out, I'll just return them. The PT is getting a bit easier for her and less painful. I told her I'd be up after the kids are gone. If I find pants, I can give them to Dennis to take to her.

Sun, I love that pic but it has obviously been altered. The detail on the moon tells me it was taken with a telescope. It's the way I wish the moon looked but a moon that big and close would cause tsunamis with the tides it would create. It's really amazing to think how the moon affects tides and how that affects sealife. Nature is inspiring. Of course, with the moon as my Zodiac ruling heavenly body, anything the moon does amazes me. Glad you got a nice gentle rain. Our recent rain was gentle but went on more than 24 hours and the sky was so dark and forbidding looking. BTW, I had fun analyzing a famous signature and everything was spot on.

I like to sit on the sofa to paint my nails. I put a bath towel under my legs and feet. SV got excited and parked himself between my feet where he remains. Cats must believe that everything we do is for them. Now that he realizes that if he taps on the coffee table, I get him a drink in his goblet, he is standing up and rapping his paw on it for food too like a judge with a gavel. I've created a monster.

I got an email from Amazon with all kinds of books, most of them $.99 or $1.99. They all have four to five star reviews. I ordered six, one of them free. I do this from time to time because I love to read but hate to spend a fortune.

My head is still hurting and it's not a sinus headache. My lymph nodes are swollen and my throat is sore. It has to be the AV at work. Whatever the Whatever Virus is, it's a fighter. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: Isn't handwriting analysis amazing! I think I know which one you're talking about, and I agree. Experts tell you to stimulate the brain.....think I'm going to study analysis again......that would be good stimulation, better than trying to learn a new language. I would LOVE to get a sample of my SILs handwriting! He can be very type AAA at times. I think I KNOW him but he gets overbearing at times. I may still have two books on the subject but going to the internet I think is much easier.

I went to Sprouts for a few things. Had to buy more calcium pills, what a chore looking at all the labels. The nice young man working there came to help. I told him I was SICK of having to swallow so many pills so he found one that you only need 4 mini tabs to get 800 mg. So I bought a bottle. Then the meat dept had 2 pkgs of marked down hamburgers patties that had blue cheese in it. Asked the meat guy..."how come?" So he asked the butcher who came out and explained the blue cheese darkens it a little....still OK, so I bought a pkg and stuck one under the broiler. 10 min. Later the smoke detector went off (now I know the battery is still good) filled the kitchen and adjoins FR with smoke, had to open all doors and turn on a ceiling fan but keeps chirping every 2 min. So perhaps the battery is really wearing down.

I bought a pkg of sour dough bread so I'm enjoying my hamburger with mayo and whole seed mustard and a glass of good red wine! That's going to be my meal again tonight since I'm leaving tomorrow morning. And I think when I get up from a nap I'm going to try a new scone recipe....mmmmmm...yummy.


Hi, Kids,

Sun, I think restudying handwriting analysis would be an excellent way to keep the brain sharp. I had a book and did some self-study because the course my cousins took was $500. At one of my ex's business dinners which included wives, the entertainment was a handwriting analyst. She was very good and analyzed everyone's handwriting. Of course, she didn't say anything negative. She also told us to look at our own writing and what to look for. The way I crossed my t's showed aspiration but less follow through. Well, if that doesn't describe someone with ADD I don't know what does. Glad you found some calcium pills you like. I can't take extra calcium because my body just makes more kidney stones. Wish it would make more bone in my hip. Bones--yes! Stones--no! Before I had my ballbladder removed, I had a stone it in that came out through my lower chest in an abcess. That was gross.

I hate it when the smoke alarms go off. Cheese burns pretty fast so that must have caused it. They sound delicious though. I haven't had any rose wine in ages and it's on sale at Publix. Think I'll pick some up for us tomorrow. Should get some beer for DSIL. Gotta check my Jack Daniels too. He likes that. When I visit them, he goes to a lot of trouble to have things for me. Lordy, I'm lucky with these kids I have. Other DSIL sends sweet messages to me on FB. No one won the Power Ball jackpot so will get some tickets tomorrow. The odds are long but, what the heck. Somebody wins every now and then.

OK, gotta go Jeopardy starts in a couple of minutes. No time to proofread. Yikes!

Love, Mikie


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A quick note. On my phone, so not as handy. I'm in Tennessee...came by myself yesterday. Lindsey had a miscarriage earlier in the week so I just came on down to take care of kids, cook, etc. The whole family is devastated... Lindsey was about 12 weeks along, but really showing. Lorraine and I will head back to Iowa on Monday. Just wanted to check in. Hope everyone is as well as can be. I'll stop by after I get back home.


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Oh, Julie, So sorry to hear the terrible news. That's wonderful that you were able
to visit Lindsey. I looked at the weather for Tennessee and Iowa. Not too bad for
the next week. You shouldn't have to drive in any storms.

I hope Lindsey can recover without any complications.

Hugs, Rock


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What a sad sad situation.
Poor Lindsey and All involved.
Glad you were able to go.
Will keep you all in my prayers.

I am in the car outside DS is 9:26 pm and he is still working!
He usually goes with another bloke, to and from, but today he left early or something.
So I am just being Mum.
Good thing he has tomorrow off and can sleep in.
Good thing the servo was open coz I was nearly out of gas.

We FINALLY sign paperwork on Tuesday for the apprenticeship.
Only took 3mths.

I was trying to get a shot of this Massive Orange moon we hv here and my phone just wont...
And I read about the moon and saw the pic you posted Mikie.
If yous could only see this.
I guess I'd best watch out for the tsunami.

Ok.can hear Ds talking and drawing nearer.
Best be off.

Big G'day to all my Porchie family.

Catch yas.
Take care