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Newbie in need of INSPIRATION

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Hi! My name is will and been struggling with my weight. I am new in this site. I do need some help and advices from you guys. I have no idea what to do first to get rid of this stubborn fat. So Ive been told to exercise and eat the right food but it is so vague. What exercise should I do?


The way to lose weight.....It's all about controlling the amount of food that you eat, (calories in) and the amount of calories you burn off in the day (calories out). The 5 mile walk is awesome, if it's done at least 3 times a week. Also try to do strength training or resistance training too.

You will need to find out, how many calories you will need to eat a day in order to lose the weight. Eating healthy and clean is the best way to go. LOTS of fresh fruits, and fresh veggies. Limited animal fat(meats and such). Better sources of protein are beans and legumes, eggs (limited) low fat cheese (limited) Peanuts and peanut butter(limited) Tuna (limited).

Dairy, make sure it's low fat or fat free. Unsweetened yogurt(Greek is better) add your own fresh fruit.

Stay away from a lot of fruit juice, sodas, and high fructose corn syrups drinks. Water,(unlimited) tea, coffee(limited)........

Anyway, it really is all about calories in and calories out.....