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No diet works for me! How can I lose weight?

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My sister is getting married in a month and I need to lose weight. I’ve tried several diets but with no effect. Not even one helped me and I’ve got the impression I’m not a diet person. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Give me a solution please.


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First of all, stop trying out too many diets and just stick to one. That is the main reason you don’t seem to get the results you want. And second of all, a diet is not about eating in a specific order or of a list. Diets are about losing weight by eating healthy food. The mixing and matching is your decision to make. Of course, you won’t be eating fish for breakfast. You can find lots of useful articles about weight loss and diets at – for free. You can also find there a menu planner that makes it easier for you to calculate, in calories, what you eat. The trick is to try to burn more calories than you actually eat.
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Remember that exercising is also very important if you want to lose weight. Also, some diets are very strict and, therefore, harder to stick to than others. Don’t be discouraged. My advice is to relax and find a diet which includes the foods that you like most. Good luck!


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and weight loss comes as you do that. It takes time to get results.

You should get a physical checkup first. You could be overweight due to an undiagnosed
health problem.

You could have nutritional deficiencies -- because obesity can be from not having enough of the right balance of foods and supplements daily.

Get the little test strips to check your body's PH. If you are very acidic, you will be overweight and more prone toward disease.
Start eating more foods from the alkaline side of the chart.

Drink quality water and the right amount based on your weight.
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Hi Kelly,

I would suggest a five day program which promotes healthy weight reduction through control of the glycemic response, which resets the body's metabolic setpoint. The average weight reduction is 4-6 pounds, and I can send you the study and the name of the program via email. You can find free articles related to glycemic index control at

The best solution is not to diet-75-85% of dieters are triggered to binge after the diet. Lifestyle changes are best. I hope this helps and understand your frustrations.!

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I started my own thing last month. I cut out all bread, ice-cream, potato chips, and almonds. And trans fats. I started using the tread mill and the elliptical machine once a day. If I had time and in the mood I would go on twice. It's slow going but I'm almost down a size. It feels good to have the skirts and pants loosen up a bit.

I also did the diet thing but found by cutting carbs it works best for me and my cholesterol levels also went down.

Good luck to you!!!


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Exercise really will help you but talk it slow so you don't wear yourself out and over time you will see the results. Just try diffrent activites and exceersices that you like to keep it interesting.

Studies have also shown that if you eat protein in the morning then you will be more likely to burn body fat during the day.