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Not eating

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My husband has dementia and since he got off aricept now for several weeks he still is not hungry..has lost a lot of weight..all day long he keeps saying he is not hungry..this morning all he had was 1/2 serving of cream of wheat, 1 piece of sausage, few dracker with peanut butter, tomatoe juice...I keep offering him stuff and even put stuff where he can reach for it to eat but he is not eating..he does drink his coffee...I even gave him some broth he drank some not much...pretty soon he will not eat nothing...MY GOD is he dieing? His appointment with his Primary Dr. is Wednesday afternoon...will he last that long...should I try to see her sooner? JOY


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My mom goes through that and when i simply cannot make her eat i will give her en-sure, she loves it, she will suck the bottom out of the bottle, lol, and it has all the vitimins and minerals she needs, they have different flavors too, try that and see if he will at least drink that. Her hospice nurse said she has known people to live for years on just en-sure. Hugs to you, By the way, what did his doctor say? And how is he doing now, i noticed it has been months now gone by.
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